Tips Pro Summer: Mohit Swimwear

Rummaging through the Instagram in search of a perfect and stylish bikini “hot pants”, found the Mohit a brand beachwear Paulista, Mega Fluffy and I was passionate about your concept. It is recent, emerged in September 2014, the creator and stylist of the brand, called Lorena Prado.

The differential of the brand is that all its prints are unique, and hand-made by Lorena itself.
Mohit means happiness in Hindu, and Lorena tries to convey the concept of the brand, through its art in the prints. Every inspiration to create your collections is connected to the way she lives.
These are the prints created for the summer 2016, and it is to fill the eyes, with all this wealth in detail of each drawing…
Three Modelinhos swimwear are being a fever this summer: triangle bikini pastel (always) with pala panties, hot pants with tulle and top with strips. Only the first bikini that from you to catch a sun and do little mark, with the other two is better to stay in the shade, just diva, right!! lol
Another model that is super in high is this with frill thong and still has beach exit, to get all beautiful and combined!!!
Surely this layette is on my list of desire, top tulle + panties hot pants tulle… I’m in the case of love with him!!!
In the brand e-commerce you can check all the swimwear collection, in addition to bikinis, has swimsuits, beach outputs, dresses, handkerchiefs and shorts. The Tulle line was the one I liked most and it drew my attention to the brand. I love giving tips on projects that started so, seeking quality and personal touch.
And you girls, enjoyed the collection of Mohit?!!!
A beijuuu!