Tips on How to Wear Skirt Short and Long Fashion Jeans

It was up in the 90’s, a time not far from now, is not it? ( Maybe just a little bit ). But with fashion always innovating and modernizing with the current times, jeans skirts have already acquired new formats and more current models.

I know what you must be wondering. I wear skirts Jeans? I rarely see anyone wearing Jeans out there. Yes, it seems that the fear of making a mistake in the combination has kept people away from this piece that if used with correct combinations gives women a unique charm.

Here in Brazil we use and abuse the Short Jeans. Whether it’s day-to-day, a simple outlet just to buy bread or a walk in the park, there is not a side to which we look that we did not find someone in jeans. But what about Skirt Jeans? Do you often notice?

The Jeans Skirts are People Jeans! It has the same charm and the same possibility of creating varieties of looks as the short jeans.

She’s great and do you know what else she’s precious?Fits all women!

It takes to create the courage and to form a special look only yours.Here are some tips to make you safer:

Jeans with Jeans

Everyone loves Jeans! There would be nothing better to justify this combination. But many women think it may fall like an exaggeration. Only not! It is only to have sensitivity at the time of the combination: not to create a set simply opt for jeans with different tones; But opting for the same color as the tip is to use pieces with contrasting weights, like a thick shorts with a lighter shirt. Ah!And enjoy wearing something prominent in the middle of jeans, such as necklaces, belts or a print shirt.

The tip follows the same for the combination of Jeans with Jeans being one of the pieces the skirt.

Ripped jeans

The skirts with torn Jeans are very good to use during the day because they leave a very relaxed air at the same time as stripped.

Formal Jeans Skirt?

Yes!There is a denim skirt model that is super suitable for going to the work environment. It’s the pencil-shaped skirt.They are not casual and leave a more behaving air.Even more if you are doing follow up with shirts and blazers.

And for the denim skirt to have a more sophisticated look, it should have a knee length up and be accompanied by a sagging shirt and statement shoes.A classic look.

Or, to get something cooler and if your work provides a lighter air, it’s just combined it with a short-sleeved shirt.

Can it be used with everything?

With many pieces yes!The Skirt Jeans can be worn with cropped, T-shirt, blouse, shirt and coat.

Another model of Skirts Jeans is the Skirt Jeans of Nozzle

This model entered the spring-summer 2015 trend with colors and a super happy air. Your model is in detail triangulars on the bar that resembles a beak, or else the letter ” V “.Its cut can be asymmetrical, but it is still modern.It is not usually a skirt in long lengths.Practically, we will always find it being short or mini, which leaves the woman with a more daring appearance.This personality is completed with the help of other pieces such as curl accentuating fabrics, high-heeled shoes or tight tops.But be careful not to overdo it.

It remains the type piece that looks good on any body.The good thing about it is that because it is asymmetric and with its most lackluster feature, it is possible to reproduce its format at home without any concern or commitment to leave everything right, aligned and impeccable.It is possible to turn a straight skirt into the beak or even re-use a pair of pants!

Do not load the look!

This is a very important tip.It is always essential to value balance.If the denim skirt already has many details or is a vibrant and striking color, the logical and ideal is to wear a more comfy or simple blouse to not overwhelm the look.And so is the reverse.If the skirt is basic, opt for a more flashy shirt.