Tips on How to Cook Well

Tips on how you can cook well.

It has tips for everyone. Here are some tips on how to cook well via Aceinland. And it will improve the babies’ and children’s meal. So that the cauliflower does not darken: add to the water of your cooking a spoon of the soup of milk and do not cover the panela. To prevent mold from forming in the tomato paste can: Store whatever is left in the refrigerator, in a dish or glass, being careful to cover with a little oil or oil. This way you prevent mold from forming in the dough. To make the sauté better assimilate the taste of the onion: add a tablespoon of margarine to the oil. That way also the onion does not run the risk of burning. To make the onion more digestive: soak it for a few minutes in warm water in shell before using it. To avoid the formation of lumps in white sauce: remove the pan from the heat with the flour and the butter and mix well. Return the pan to the heat and continue cooking, stirring constantly until thickened. Only then add milk. To remove garlic and onion from hands: Always store some coffee powder in the refrigerator. It is excellent. To cook an egg with cracked shell: Pass the slit a little lemon juice and let it dry. Then place the egg very carefully in the pan with hot water and a pinch of salt. For grapes raisins are delicious: keep them soaked in liquor; this makes them delicious in bread puddings, apple cakes or other desserts. For the rice to get looser and tastier: drip a few drops of lemon on the rice while being cooked. To prevent an egg that is not fresh from spoiling your dish: break them one at a time in a separate cup before adding them to the other ingredients of a recipe. To make the eggs cook better: do not place them immediately in the boiling water if you are removing them from the refrigerator. For them to cook better it is advisable to put them before, for about 2 or 3 minutes, in lukewarm water. To make it easy to chop raisins or candied fruits: coat the two sides of a knife with butter. The operation gets easier. When preparing poached eggs: be sure to season the water with a little salt and small drops of vinegar. The result will be much better. To test if the cake is roasted: if the toothpick is too small, use a spaghetti. To store egg yolks: keep them in a cup or bowl, completely covered with filtered water and in the refrigerator. To make the beans more tasty, add a small turnip and a bay leaf tied with sprigs of parsley and green onion to the fire. For those who prefer stronger foods, freshly ground black pepper is a seasoning that fits well with beans, these were the tips of how to cook well.

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