Tips of Umbrellas for Children

We love! With these umbrellas, no one will be afraid of thunderstorms.

To Laugh
No one will resist this Ant with eyes and giant antennas. R $10.20.

Black Sheep
The kidorable umbrella can be found with prints of various animals. R $45.

Delicate Butterflies
The transparenteé template more discreet and automatic opening. R $10.99.

Little Pirates
This umbrella has cable that mimics a sword. R $45. The Kidorable, available at: 11 Piks)

Pure Charm
All pink with white polka dots, is perfect for the girls. R $19.90.

Organized Bathroom
Door-hanging objects in boxing. Can be laid with adhesive, suction or screws.Comes with removable basket that leaked, releases the water accumulated. BRL 189.

Little Red Riding Hood
The poncho is tweed, made with fibers of recycled PET bottles. 1 to 3 sizes: R $87.80 and of 4 to 10: R $105.40. The Friends of nature: (31) 2112-green 0200Ideias

Hot Or Cold?
Bath thermometer made from canola oil instead of mercury. R $23.

Lots Of Laughs
Fuzzy Botz, robot that talks and moves his eyes when she sings. More than 60 expressions and phrases in Portuguese. R $249.90.

Training Without Diaper
This underwear (also has her panties) is a “Strip-diaper”. Made of cotton, has a plastic and a layer of Terry cloth fabric that won’t let any pee leak. R $13.

For Pictures And Movies
Camera to photograph and film Star Wars. With 9 cm long, has 1 microcam GB capacity. Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook and Myspace. R $239.