Tips For Wearing Short-Sleeved Shirts With Trousers Or Shorts

With the summer heat beating down our door, the only way to escape it is seeking solutions in cooler attire. That doesn’t mean dressing any way, even those who suffer with high temperatures to keep the look flawless, and to this end, one of the most important parts is the shirt, because she always carries an air of sophistication, even when it comes to a casual model. As we’ve talked several times about the traditional long-sleeve shirts, it’s time to highlight the short sleeves and the combinations and occasions in which they fit together.

1-Smart casual shirt with short sleeves

This is for anyone who needs a look more in line that can be taken to a liberal work. Start with a basic white shirt, add a pair of chino Marino or even a basic jeans, add a casual shoe in the right size and finish with a matching belt. The personal touches are the small accessories (glasses, bracelet) and the stock exchange, which need not be that of the photo, you can change by a postman, a tote bag, a holdall or even a leather backpack.

Extra Tip: you can add a skinny tie to this combo and leave him even more stylish.

2-Double jeans

Whether with pants or shorts, short-sleeved denim shirt works as well as your long-sleeved version, especially if you combine with white canvas sneakers or a leather version in caramel color. Accessories in silver color look good on her wrists and the sunglasses Clubmaster style fits like a glove in this casual combination.

Extra Tip: it is easier to combine the two parts jeans if they have something in common, such as the type of wear, the hue of blue (doesn’t have to be the same tone) or even the color of the stitching.

3-Prints are in high

It’s true, the prints came hard this summer and there’s plenty of variety, but a rule is important for a nice look: don’t overdo it! If the shirt is emblazoned shorts or pants lisa choice, can be a chino or jeans.

Extra Tip: you can use the open shirt overlapping a basic white t-shirt or any color that repeat in pattern and make the link between the two parts. In the example above would fit a blue or green t-shirt.

4–Use the shirt to balance

If you opted for a pair of shorts emblazoned or a tennis that calls a lot of attention, use the plain shirt for balancing visual and prevent excesses occur. On the beach to protect your head with a cap or hat Panama type and not part of the sunglasses.

Extra Tip: the shirt can be basic, but still present some interesting details as colorful or Pocket stitching with different format, these elements are not enough to weigh enough to let the final result polluted.

5-short-sleeved Shirt worn with suspenders

How about something more classic, retro look? If you liked the idea, nothing better than to add suspenders to look composed of a micro print shirt and trousers with tailoring the bars bent.

Extra Tip: You can work only with neutral colors and play a point color in half, or so keep your pants folded and change the shoe for a boot style boots leaving the combo with a footprint more punk!

6-contrasts, stripes and overlays

This look is so cool that alone would yield a post because it brings together 3 good choices: the horizontally striped shirt that is with all this summer, the overlap that she makes the shirt, creating a layer without leaving the look heavy and the contrast between the pieces in shades of blue and orange, which acts as a complementary color.

Extra Tip: replace the bermuda by a chino (or jogger) marinho and tennis slip on by an All Star or a casual shoe for a more urban.

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Note: Just to clarify, I always consider the long-sleeve shirt, a more sophisticated choice, especially for urban environment, but you have those days when you want something light and cool, without having to be folding sleeves and worrying about trims ultra perfect, short-sleeve shirt fits like a glove!