Tips For Those Who Want To Ride A Bike In Porto

If you’re thinking of adopting the bike to move around in the Harbour, are here some tips and advice given by three urban cyclists that the frog was interviewed.

That Should I Watch For In Traffic?

The number of urban cyclists in Porto is increasing but, still, many drivers may not notice that there’s a bike to your side. For this reason, you should avoid walking next to parked cars, not to run the risk of getting a door open suddenly. Also be careful at intersections and junctions.

If you do not feel safe in a busy street, according to, the best solution is to go walk up the sidewalk, with attention to pedestrians, or get off the bike and push it until you reach a street more comfortable to ride. It is important to have lights or reflectors on the bike so that it can be seen by drivers.

What Is The Best Time To Ride A Bike In The Port? 

The summer may be more attractive station to start pedaling but the heat may require more physically. Spring and autumn are the best times, but you can ride your bike all year long.

I’m Sweating Too?

When you go walk exudes more than when cycling. For example, half an hour’s walk in quick March is more tiring than half an hour pedaling. To control perspiration we must program the routes, avoiding more pronounced increases. To use the bicycle changes is also important to control the effort.

On rainy days, a skin can prevent watering, but in the days of big storms the best is even using another transport more sheltered.

Should I Wear A Helmet? 

The three urban cyclists interviewed by FROG does not have the habit of using a helmet when walking in the city. Wearing a helmet is always a safety factor, recommended, for example, by the Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo.

The cyclists heard by the FROG suggest also having a good lock to keep the bike safely.