Tips for Saving Money on Pregnant Pants

There four months of pregnancy, when you just start to notice the changes in your body, you topas the first problem of wardrobe: your pants do not close easily and you still not pregnant clothes.

Tips for Saving Money on Pregnant Pants

The elastic League trick is very simple, economical and allows you to use your pants for a couple of months more: insert the League in his buttonhole (hole where to go button) of your pants, then you enhebras a League on the other end, and pull it up to hold it to the button (as in the picture on the website).

You can use a League elastic rubber or hair, depending on the length you need. To cover the patch wear a long shirt or a strip of fabric that you tape or soft.

Where already the League is insufficient, you can use an extension cord for trousers and skirts (pictured right), which basically follows the same principle but in a more comfortable and protected way: is a small wrapper with a slot on one side and one button on the other, with fabric in the color of your pants to cover the opening.

You can buy extension pants and skirts on the Internet; Use this link to compare prices and see Belly Belt Combo Kit options.