Tips for Buying a Plus Size Bra for Breastfeeding

Points to keep in mind

One of the most important pieces of the lingerie for pregnant women and new mothers is the bra for breastfeeding. This specially designed bra easier you breastfeed your baby in comfort and privacy, especially when you have to do it away from home. Below find some tips to take into account when shopping.

Plus Size Bra

When to buy?

First that anything let me say that I understand perfectly if you are in the middle of your pregnancy and want to buy a bra for breastfeeding already same. It is the urgency of having everything ready, so anything you take by surprise and you can enjoy the arrival of your little. Now let me tell you that you will have to wait a little longer.

Given the incredible change that your body is going through, it is almost impossible to determine the size of the cups you need once your baby is born. Keep in mind that breasts have grown during pregnancy but may grow even more during the period of lactation.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to find bras for breastfeeding from week 38 of pregnancy at DAMA to get as close as possible to the size that you will need when your baby is born.

What size to buy?

The waist is extremely important. Remember that if you use the wrong size of bras you will suffer from discomforts such as back and neck pain by lack of support and a bad aspect of the figure under clothing. To find the correct bra size it is imperative to take action. Once you’re in the vicinity of the week 38 of pregnancy can take your own steps or get close to a lingerie store so a specialist to do it for you (the latter option is the most comfortable and reliable). Once you have defined waist you can begin to see the styles available.

What style to buy?

Happily the lingerie market is taking increasing consideration with pregnant women and new mothers and offers a variety of styles and models of bras for breastfeeding. You no longer have to settle for the typical bra in white and skin, even the colors you’ll see most frequently (and isn’t bad having one of these basic in the lingerie drawer).

Knowing that you will have some freedom of choice, it is important that you take into account that there are certain styles that favor convenience when it comes to breastfeeding. It is better that you choose a soft cup bra since the continuous change of the size of your breasts (to extent to which milk “low” to the chest and fill it to then shrink once the baby is fed) will be more easy to accompany with this style. Forget for a few months of your cute bra underwire since some specialists assure that it can interfere with good breastfeeding (pressure on the chest can result in occlusion of the milk ducts and lead to mastitis). Keep in mind that with a soft cup you will have more easily insert pads also covers nipples to avoid dripping milk stain your clothes.

In addition to the soft cup, it is highly recommended that you choose the full glass. This way you completely enclose the chest achieving protection, good look under clothing and much needed support.

What is support?

Talking about support in the Bras we refer to various aspects of its construction which will sustain or “endure” bust achieving not only alleviate certain aches and pains (back, waist, neck) but also will better shape your figure and avoided to a large extent streaks on the chest.

In the case of mothers who breastfeed their babies, the growing size of the breasts can cause discomfort. The weight must be well distributed to avoid them. For this, it is important when buying a bra for breastfeeding to make sure halt have a good band (part of the frame that surrounds the body below the bust), which is wide and elastic. In addition the union between both tops and sides of them should also strong to achieve an optimal support. The straps should be wide, separate one from the other and, if possible, be adjustable and non-slip.

What closure to buy?

Here we will talk about two different clips. The clip of the band (which fits on the back) and snap the Cup (which allow to leave bare chest).

Let’s start with the belt clip. The style of brooch more common in all types of bras and also the more suitable in terms of comfort is “hitch” using metal staples. In the case of support for breastfeeding, it is best you choose models with 4 positions. In this way you can adjust your bra to the size of your breasts and your torso change over the course of breastfeeding.

As for Cup snaps, you can find variety ranging from closures for pressure up to plastic or metal closures at the bottom of the bust (not so common). Definitely the most comfortable nursing bras will be those showing a clip of “hook” at the top of the Cup.

Before you buy any of them I recommend testing the “one-handed”, trying to detach the Cup as it would if you were loading your baby. If it is easy to do, you have found your support.

What material to buy?

The material with which the support is made is as important as other features. It is ideal to choose a material that allows the breathing of the skin and is gentle enough to not annoy your sensitive breasts. The most recommended material is cotton by all its features, but make sure you have a percentage of spandex or lycra to make fabric fits to your breasts and their size during the day changes.

How many bras should I buy?

It is not necessary that purchases one for every day of the week but only with one will not suffice you. The ideal amount is always three Bras, in this way you can have one ready to go and ready to wash.

If you want you can add elastic t-shirts for use at home and book your Bras when you should go with your baby out.