Tight Lacing: What Is It, Know More

In the past, the bra and corset were burned in public squares in a feminist struggle to equalize human rights between women and men. These pieces of clothing were considered instruments of torture, since every young lady should use them to demonstrate wealth and good posture, and to become more attractive to their husbands. However, after the 1950s, these accessories that were so repudiated end up returning to the fashion scene, now not for the choice of men but for the choice of the women themselves, who now wish to create a sensual and alternative look for their own benefit.

So, for those of you who do not know, understand more about the corset and know what Tight Lacing is, a practice that has been changing the pattern of female aesthetics:

What Is The Corset?

Corset is the original French name given to the corset. It is a modeling dress with steel fins, unlike the “corselet”, a kind of corset with plastic structures, which does not model and is only well adjusted to the body.

The corset is a piece developed in a period before the Middle Ages, being used by the royalty with the aim of maintaining the upright posture and support the bust and the waist. Its function further improved during the Victorian era in England, giving extremely thin waists to women. Wearing a corset in antiquity with the waist-tapping function restricted the movement too much, so it meant that the woman had many employees to perform her tasks, thus demonstrating more power and social status.

What Is Tight Lacing?

The word Tight Lacing literally means “tight tie” and consists of a constant practice of using the corsetfor the reduction of measurements and the formation of a more desirable and curved silhouette. With Tight Lacing, it is not necessary to remove ribs and other greater sacrifices to acquire a perfect shape, however, this practice should be accompanied with constant physical exercises and a balanced diet in order not to make the fat go down to the hips.

For those who want to get a corset and start the practice, it is worth noting that the piece must be tailored to respect the structure of the body and to enable the reduction of measures in a healthy way. For this, consult the brand Madame Sher , the largest and most specialized in corsets in Brazil.

Go to Madame Sher’s website and through the “The Corset” page you can inquire in detail about the piece and answer your questions with a team highly specialized in the subject through the email available on the website. Enjoy and start doing your Tight Lacing practice now!