Thus the Masculine Look Succeeds

Eventually the moment comes when we no longer know what to wear.Well, admittedly, women meet us this knowledge several times a week.The wardrobe is full and yet it does not offer us anything that irritates us.The favorite outfit is in the underwear, the black designer dress still in the cleaning.Oh crap, that was what I still had to think about today.Of course, forgotten and the cleaning has already been done.Was clear.But just such cases are great examples of the fact that we women are really creative specimens.We were equipped with the ability to make the best of everything.In a single shirt, hundreds of combinations are hidden for us.Yes, at least theoretically.Practically, it hurts sometimes, which can again have the most diverse reasons.Hey, we women are also just people!If you just want to try something else, then you may like my today’s suggestion: Try the dandy look!Instead of the x.To get into the usual mini dress pattern for the next dinner invitation, you should tear the dandy look under the nail.

1. What is the dandy look?

The dandy look developed in the 19th century in England.At that time young men wanted to rebel against the prevailing system and old-established habits.And they did this by dressing properly.They then packed it into a large portion of charm and word witness. And finished was the dandy look.A typical dandy, by the way, was Oscar Wilde.In general terms, the dandy look is characterized by the following features: a close-fitting V silhouette, waistcoats, pinstripes, men’s shirts (preferably in white and blue), lacquer shoes or two-tone shoes with a color- patterned scarves and other eye-catching details and accessories (handkerchiefs, round glasses, narrow ties).

2. This is how to design the dandy look

Sure, the dandy look is not new in itself.But you can always change it a little bit and change it again.You know, we women tend to do it anyway.And to us women, this look is just nothing ever everyday.Why should not we show our feminine side in a very special way?The dandy look can also be simply simple.You just need the right clothes and accessories.A huge advantage is when your lover aka best friend aka father already has a few suitable candidates for the dandy look in the wardrobe.With a nice smile on their lips, they lend you the right out of the box.The wardrobe search ran in the sand or the yield was not exactly lush?Also no problem, then must “just necessity” still a shopping stroll.Does not go anywhere else.

1st step to the dandy look: the key piece

Each outfit needs a part on which it can build.The so-called basic framework of the look forms.In the case of a dandy look, for example, this can be a narrow, but still masculine cut pinstripe suit.Or just the waistband or the jacket.Just the way you want it.Drumherum now builds up the rest of the dandy look.For this you should wear an elegant shirt or a fine silk blouse.Both must also be more feminine.Because at the actual time of the dandies were synonymous loops and ruffle collar announced.Characteristics that are more common today in the female fashion world.If it can be a bit more, it can be combined with a vest or a blazer.Oh, your femininity should not be hidden under this masculine look.But on the contrary.Play with your charms and wear seductive lingerie to the dandy look.Under a slightly transparent blouse they may also like to flash.This is one of the details that makes the female dandy look really far away from the dandy stereotype and stand out from it.

2nd step to the dandy look: the accessories

Let’s get to the interesting part, the accessories for the dandy look.Further up I have already called you some accessories.Ties and flies are the typical accessories, which many of you surely come up with.Pockets and braces are another highlight of the dandy look, but not a must.Since it is a good thing that a few more Dandy accessories in 2014 are anyway straight trend objects.What for all of us means, there is a much bigger selection!What I’m talking about?From link chains and chronographs.Massive link chains had long been withheld from the male world, we women could not really start something with it.Somehow the things were also something like the anti- jewelery and the still the guys, over whom we smiled rather tired.If any.For most of the male specimens they wore had somehow a different understanding of styling than we did.

Link chains are now a big issue, even on our delicate female necks.You almost get the impression that it can not be massive enough.For the dandy look, you should choose a link chain that is not too massive. It may flash in the outfit, but should not be in the focus of the outfit.Since the shirts and blouses are usually quite high in the dandy look, carry the chain over it.It can also be close to the neck and so the silhouette still a little trace.Necklace pendant?It does not have to be.Together with the distinctive collar, a chain without a pendant looks much cleaner with this look.If you want to wear earrings, then just unobtrusive earplugs , because the emphasis lies with Dandy-Look on quite different jewelry.In addition to glider chains, chronographs are incredibly good.They stand for the actual dandy look and provide a further distinctively masculine touch.Chronographs have established themselves for some time in the field of wristwatches for women.They are available in many variations and if they are not too colorful, they also fit into a dandy look.In order to deviate from the cliché here and to add a little more femininity, you can, for example, put a chronograph in rose gold.It provides the bubbly color in your look without being too obtrusive.If you want to take the dandy look to the top, then you put on leather gloves.Surely something is unusual, but what is already there ?!After all, the entire look is unusual, since nobody will be disturbed by this detail.From your beloved handbag, however, you must separate.Well, just look for bags, which are also used by men, and these are now even nude bags.Is unfortunately so.It is possible to make an exception for bags in envelope form, but this really depends on the outfit.Then a narrow belt and, if you like, the outfit it allows, still a handkerchief, finished is the dandy look for the woman.

3rd step to the dandy look: make up and hairstyle

And here you are finally emphasizing your femininity as it is.A whorl with exciting curls?Ideal for the dandy look!However, it should not be a wild naturkrause, but rather a cultivated curl like fresh from the salon.Are you too elaborate?Then copy again with the actual dandies and put you a sleek look.When it comes to Make Up, it goes back to good old times.Say:Not much make up, but all the more effective.A dark eyeliner, delicate powdered, flawless skin and finally a powerful mascara for a seductive lash stroke.The female version of the dandy look is finished.

And, how do you like the dandy look for the woman?