ThorFire VG15

Once received, the flashlight comes in a cardboard box, with a sticker on the outside in which the image of the acquired internal, model and the brand logo is printed. This sticker helps seal and safety guarantee that the box has not been manipulated during transport.

Once opened the box, we find that it contains a flashlight Thorfire VG – 15, a cover, a carrying strap, instruction manual, a warranty card and a bag of parts varied (2 o-rings for the tailcap, 1 o-ring for Crystal, 1 rear switch, 1 silicone for the tailcap, centering 1 and 1 plug Crystal anti-reflective).

The flashlight can say that we we have a copy of some 123 mm long and 19 mm inner diameter, flowing quality to the touch, with good finishes in the anodized and with a knurled (knurling) medium. It is designed for use with batteries 18650-2 x CR123A. It has rear switch which can activate each of the 5 modes which possesses us. Which list as moonlight mode or super, low, medium, high and hidden strobe.
The flashlight can be disassembled and would be divided into three parts:

Tailcap: It has a knurled medium and rhomboid shape. Carries a black silicone plug that is flush with the tailcap, allowing us to use it in mode flashlight candle. It carries two recesses provided by turning on the flashlight. He also wears two holes in each of the two protrusions where the carrying strap can be hooked. Internally, the switch spring is sturdy and good thickness.

Central body: carries a knurled rhomboid and medium depth. We have two recesses in two side to the Centre of the body of the flashlight which are engraved with laser flashlight on a side name and the model of the lantern on the other side. Also includes a clip of medium hardness, which allows a good hitch when it is necessary to use it. In addition, this clip is removable. At each end of the body is equipped with an o-ring which ensure a watertight in wet conditions.

Head: We have a smooth part at the end and either part to favour the cooling at the top. He wears a Crown or bezel of stainless steel on its most extreme, which confers resistance against possible falls and a nice contrast to anodized black flashlight. This Crown allows a focused total of reflector with led and is worth mentioning, as a curiosity that is tight. It has assembled an XML-2 led on basis of aluminum and a pill that is machined in conjunction with the head of the flashlight, which significantly improves the dissipation even running in high mode continuously. The reflector used is the rugged type of orange peel (OP), a glass lens anti-reflective of 20mm diameter and 2mm thickness and a rubber o-ring that ensures a good seal. It carries a driver 17 mm with built-in spring, which allows us to use batteries and teton and also the use of batteries protected without any problem.

This Thorfire VG-15 has an excellent soft when it comes to attach and remove the different parts that make up this flashlight. Their threads are of type square and well lubricated.

Obtained, as measured in the tailcap consumption were as follows:

-Super-low mode: 9mA
-Low mode: 76mA
-Medium mode: 800mA
-High mode: 3100mA
-Strobe mode: 1500mA

Also indicate having memory mode, which makes us switch on in the last mode used if Lantern has remained lit longer than 2 seconds.

I also present lumen data by mode and runtime obtained with the help of fellow Maiden.

On you can find a flashlight with good quality/price ratio and that also brings an extensive collection of spare parts.