This Star Has Definitely Chosen the Wrong Underwear

Schlüpper scandal at the Super Bowl. The Lady Gaga known for their flashy perfect fashion productions commits all this fashion faux pas. BRIGITTE editor Vicky Wanka tight pants and Granny panties.

It’s a huge honor to sing the U.S. national anthem before the Super Bowl. Sizes have already given them such as Barry Manilow, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys before the most expensive sporting event in the world for the best. The pop diva Lady Gaga in the ranks of these Superstars can line up since last night. Their singing interlude? Perfect! Her outfit? Actually also. But…

The 29-year-old is best known for her weird performances and scandals. Whether wearing a raw meat dress or confiscate of a penis Atrappe – random-looking but quite media planned when the Gaga one always waits for the next controversy.

The 29 year-old last night in Santa Clara California at the 50th Super Bowl of the U.S. National Football League (NFL) came on the scene of Levi stage’s, they provide noticed that nothing after a scandal screamed. On the contrary, the otherwise so eccentric Super Star wore a pantsuit in glittering red quite serious, matching selected a sparkling eye shadow. Platinblonde mane she wore majestically on the top of the head antupiert and probably with three cans of hair spray back combed. The nails were painted in blue quite true to the color code of the American flag and the plateau of shoes attacked the design of the “Star-Spangled Banner” on. Fully managed one might conclude prematurely.

Where is the outrage, I wondered while her angelic singing all over my body missed me goosebumps. The camera panned, moved the setting, slowly, the Gaga turned to the back of the lens and there he was for a second to see: the far too much Schlüpper in the too-tight pants!

It could have been all so beautiful a can. The bewitching vocals and the astonishment that the Gaga live really well but no longer is off your pants can distract from now. The Schlüpper has disenchanted me within milliseconds and caused a frown. Is it that extra? Or thought their stylists, the Blazers would cover your butt and you advised to ‘what convenient’ wear?

Perhaps, the singer wanted to fall also simply only subtly with the choice of their laundry at such a large event. In this case, I am however really assuming that the major bills of the Schlüppis was not a planned staging for Gaga’s Skandalografie. For the “Schlüppergate” seemed to happen and the rear view was too fast off that you could fuss really about. He has not escaped me however and whether trend or not, I still maintain that a XXL panties under tight trousers has nothing to look for on Weddinginfashion.

Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images