These Eyeglass Frames Stand Out In The Crowd

What Is The Trend In Frames This Year? And What Are They Most Suitable For?

It’s no surprise that fashionistas are always one step ahead of consumers, not just when it comes to clothes. They know exactly what the next favorite frame of fashion followers will be. After all, elegant men and women want to prove that they are always ahead of the latest trends. Read on to find out which frames and lenses will be in vogue this year.

The Perfect Format

One thing is sure: this year’s glasses will be great. Boho style sunglasses with oversized frames will be at the top of the charts in this category, according to sunglasseswill. Fashionistas who love the hippie look can not miss these frames. Grade glasses and large sunglasses made of acetate will be the right choice to make. But you will also find more and more filigree models with very thin frames, and even rimless glasses. Large frames are best suited for sunglasses because the large format offers protection from harmful UV rays. This look was popular in the 1970s, as were round and small lenses. John Lennon style glasses have become a classic look, whether with acetate or metal frame.
And since we are talking about metal: the latest success of the world of glasses are definitely those fine golden and shiny frames.Trendsetters can choose the format that suits them best: large, small, round or even aviator type. These ultra-thin frames are more than just stylish: they also complement the face of anyone. Of course thin frames require the right lenses, which should not be too fragile. Thanks to DuraVision ® Platinum technology , it is possible to produce extremely hard ZEISS eyeglass lenses. They have an antireflective coating and are extremely robust and resistant to dirt.

But let’s go back to the future: the legendary kitten glasses are once again-or better yet-adorning the faces of the fashionistas exclusive. These vintage glasses are available in discrete shapes and with prominent curves. They perfectly complement a look of style and glamor.

Another worship accessory is the panto style sunglasses. They were the brand used by the intellectual elite of the 1920s. Thirty years later, they became the first choice of everyone for glasses. This style of glasses usually has round lenses flattened at the top, traditionally in black and brown. These days they are a great accessory for any personal style, no matter if you are sporty or stylish.

And there is another detail perfectly delineated in the spectacle lenses experiencing a resurgence: the saddle bridge bridge design. Only men wore dual-bridge models, but for some time women appropriated that style with class. The bridge in the keyhole style is also back: its nose seems longer, because these glasses sit at a point a little above normal. Double-bridge glasses have the opposite effect because they fit over the nose at a lower height. The choice is yours: accent your nose or make it look a little smaller.

Favorite Colors

Thanks to the wide variety of modern shades, there is a color for each person, from the most extrovert to the most restrained, from a unique color to color patterns. And the rising star is frames with color gradients both horizontally and vertically. Here’s a rule of thumb: the more visible your frame, the more restrained it must be the color of your clothes and glasses.
Black remains as one of the most traditional and elegant colors, but brown is catching up on all its different shades. Make your choice: caramel, mocha or havana, each of these earthy shades improves sunglasses, with or without degree. They fit better with a traditional look or perfectionist. And do not forget: lenses are another great opportunity to play with colors.

Mirrored Coverings

Mirrored or anti-reflective coatings can have interesting effects on your lenses. The sky is the limit: from a soft glow to a total mirroring.The intensity of the mirror coating depends on the base shade of the lens. You only notice a slight brightness with non-colored or slightly colored lenses. ZEISS now offers eye-catching lenses in fascinating colors ranging from red, green and blue to silver and gold. Surely these lenses will catch your eye! Lenses with a mirrored coating work best with metal frames of any shape, and with panto glasses.

Hot News

The return to nature is also another obvious trend: wood, cork or leather represent sustainability and an ecological lifestyle. The combination of stainless steel and acetate is also quite popular. Here, color and material blend: stems and bridge of gold or silver metal next to pieces of acetate in black, brown or nude. These modern frames combine with all looks and complement any skin tone, making it a must-have fashion item for much longer than just a season.