Thermometer Attached to Smartphone

During CES Las Vegas 2016, the French company Withings has announced Thermo, a thermometer designed for family can offer simultaneously “comfort and accuracy of data” and which has already received two CES Innovation Awards in Best in Fitness, sports & Biotech and Tech for a Better World.

This product comes with the HotSpot Sensor technology, thanks to which temperature readings are simple and extremely accurate through a gentle pressure on your forehead. Just press the button, and a gentle vibration will indicate the completion of the survey. The WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allow then to synchronize the results through the companion app on your smartphone, so you have the historical data for several family members with an opportunity to share any information with your doctor.

“We invented the first device to health connected via WiFi, Withings smart scales, in order to allow users a perfect access to their data to control their weight.Withings Thermo is designed to have a similar impact on the health of each family’s routine, “said Withings CEO Cédric ComputerGees.

Furthermore, the app allows you to insert some additional data like symptoms and medication to be taken.

The 16 infrared sensors and Sensor HotSpot technology enable Thermo to 4000 measurements in just 2 seconds, automatically eliminating incorrect readings.

Withings Thermo is belongs to the d medical devices class IIa and has been approved by the competent bodies in the United States and the European Union. Equipped with a display dot LED that changes color according to the temperature detected, offers inside two AAA batteries that guarantee last approximately 2 years.

The product will be available during the first quarter of the year, priced at 99.95 euros.