There Is Another Hidden Inbox on Facebook

You missed a lot of people in Messenger during that time

A few months ago that Facebook put aside the Other folder (one that no one was looking), who kept unknown messages. Since October, there are the “message requests”: whenever any stranger send you an inbox, you receive a request for conversation and accept the chat continues. Ever? Not quite.

It turns out that Facebook also filters the message requests in order to fight spam on the social network – is practically a filter filter. The problem of course is that Facebook’s algorithms are not perfect, and several important messages never reach you. Doubt?

To find out the filtered requests, open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone, tap the settings button (it is located in the upper right corner, in the case of Android, or on the bottom generic lipitor recall menu bar, in the case of the iPhone), access the menu people and touch message requests.

You will see the screen of requests from unknown messages. Scroll down to the end and … well, there is a link called “View filtered requests.” When you tap it, you will have access to all messages that never arrived. Now, just read the months of pending and hope have not received any job offer millionaire by Facebook.

Filtered requests can also be viewed on the web: access this page, open the More menu and click Filtered.

After the team warned me that filter filter, I found a series of conversations of people who have contacted me since last year and were completely ignored. It was not my fault.Swear.