The Wood Decoration in Home

The wood is on the rise in the decoration. The rustic appeal, together with the issue of exclusive materials brings a special charm to this type of wood, very peculiar to our country. But what exactly is the wood? There are tips to decorate with this material? Check out!

What is wood?

Many people have the idea that wood is taken from old furniture, but the name is exactly what it says: when old buildings of houses, sheds, bins, bunkers and even bridges and gates are undone, the wood is reused so noble and distinguished because of the quality and durability of this type of wood.

The wood is usually a noble wood, like angico, peroba-rosa and mastic. These trees are no longer found with ease for extraction, and that the value of the wood can also achieve impressive values.

Decorating with wood

This material is in accordance with a current trend of combining the rustic decor to the sophisticated, simple to bold, the ancient and the modern. Obviously, it is necessary to take care with the composition which is made using this type of wood, taking into account the whole environment and not only the construction of spaces but all the furniture and the finish of the room.

We suggest the use of wood extracted in demolition sites especially in those large and spacious environments.  Wood tends to be used basically in rustic decor or country themed. In these environments, the wood into various shapes, types, sizes and textures dominates; however, if the project seeks to make a composite of contrasts, it is necessary to take it easy.

Some trends of decoration suggest that you use the wood from demolition in items such as panels, tables, walls and decorative objects and art. But you can choose some types of furniture in this material, as bookshelves, benches and even benches and chairs. Keep in mind that this type of wood furniture tends to be very large and heavy, which justifies larger spaces to file them.

Wood facades

When option for covering the facade of a building with wood, it is obvious that there is a tendency to the sophistication and refinement. Always choose good quality materials and skilled labor and prepare to eventually invest a little more than other types of coatings.

Recycled wood deck

The decks are also synonymous with distinction and class, especially in this material. They are ideal for recreational areas when choose plants that will compose the environment.

Recycled wood furniture

Contrary to popular belief, not every type of furniture made with wood is rustic. There are also various types of furniture that, for reasons of economy or aesthetic materials, are made with this type of wood.

You can find various styles furniture made with this material, but obviously those who refer mainly to country life are prevalent when it comes to wood removal of buildings or old buildings.

Care and maintenance to demolition wood

The wood is usually provided after a treatment against the problems that usually affect the wood. And the care of the maintenance of this type of material is few, due to its great resistance to weather and damage.

Be cautious with furniture and heavy equipment – deeper damage is also difficult to be corrected.

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