The Underwear Campaign That Challenges Victoria’s Secret

Take that, Victoria’s Secret! The most famous plus size models come together in a lingerie campaign to redefine what the new concept of being sexy

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For some time I wanted to write about plus size models . These spectacular women we have recently seen in magazines, clothing campaigns, social networks, etc. It is they who have proven us – for if we had any doubt – that beauty does not only come in small sizes .

The truth is that there is a kind of elite curvy models , which are generally seen everywhere: Ashley Graham , Tara Lynn , Denise Bidot , Candice Huffine , among others. They are top of the line modeling extra size , something like the “Victoria’s Secret” plus size, representing the ideal beauty for women who have curves.Seriously, who would not want to be like them?Ufff …

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If you see them separately is a delight, see them together in a campaign like the one just released Lane Bryant , brand of lingerie in large sizes , is one of the best things that has happened to curvy women this year.I’m serious.This is the video that they released yesterday to inaugurate the campaign #ImNoAngel (# NoSoyUnAngel).Its wonderful:

The cream and cream of the model plus size, assembled

Ashley Graham , Candice Huffine , Marquita Pring , Justine Legault , Victoria Lee and Elly Mayday , who will have an individual video that Will be released weekly.Of course, Ashley’s first turn was:

#I am not an angel

Now, why is it said that this campaign directly confronts Victoria’s Secret?

I do not know if they know, but some of the Victoria’s Secret models (let ‘s say the “higher category”) are called Angels , that’s why on the annual catwalk makes the models come with beautiful wings that They made them from months before, only to leave a moment on the catwalk:

Over the years, being a Victoria’s Secret angel has become a symbol of beauty and “perfection” for women , so this Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign is considered a challenge (I wrote “challenge” and did not “Aggression”) to the brand of the little angels, with the intention of questioning and eradicating the stereotypes they imposed and that are unattainable for almost any woman.

* PHOTO: NY Dayly News

In my opinion, # NoSoyUnAngel is the best campaign that has been directed towards women in extra sizes . It does not fall into clichés, it does not disqualify thin people, it is not for obesity … on the contrary, it reflects the essence of the true #CurvyPower , because it shows the beauty of a normal female body and as sexy as any other woman , With or without extra kilos.It is definitely a step towards a more inclusive and curvy-friendly society.

* PHOTO: FB Lane Bryant

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