The Tropical Pop, Year Trends

  1. The other day we talked about trends and personal fashion hits and today the talk is broader:trends of the year to bed, table, bath and rolezinho for the weekend, no one is iron

    This year’s wave of Greenery, tropical pop. And as I live in a tropical country, beautiful by nature, has very subject and green inspiration for us wallow. Bora view?

    The fact is that the tropical footprint comes surfing the wave already has a little time, and this year decided to take over time.

    Are leaves of coconut palm, Palm trees, banana trees. Are pineapples, exotic birds, and vivid colors. Without fear of being happy, unafraid to mix and if unlinking the gardens and balconies, IE: everywhere in the House and all kinds of use.

    Because we creative like that? Because you have to cloth sleeve, a thousand ideas, suggestions for varied and there applications that can render that extra dough … who doesn’t, huh?

    We started with the prints that we can use on pillows, bedspreads, towels. Sew simple cushions is the first easy tip of this trend.

    And can be inserted even in classical style decorations, peek:

    And of course if you’re in the prints, will be on the walls too, precisely on that wallpaper has a joy and energy well and you apply solito and solita as I taught here.

    Also loved the custom furniture with our sheets. To reproduce the proposal in your furniture you can use as much fabric as playswithmatches, which is perfect. Learn tips here and here.

    I researched quickly and did not find palm leaves print on vinyl stickers, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, explained by sciencedict. Valley search and use as more durable alternative.

    One more idea easy to reproduce. The doormat you buy smooth and decorate using basic stencil. The simplicity that never misses the less is more.

    And gives to put plate on the wall using the same technique also mat. Change of sheets for fruit, but continue on tropical vibe that the trend of the year will be guaranteed. Stencil tips here.

    Let’s combine the pineapple’s

    Other suggestions of where to use prints or tropical details? Accessories for everyday use. The cups are even pillows a charm with this idea, you see. And you can risk a fabric painting, what do you think?

    And of course not only leaves and fruits tropical lives. We also have exotic birds, Rainbow rendering interesting parts. The pair of earrings was cut and assembled using leather. But may well be EVA, the hint.

    Enjoyed the trend and don’t know where to start? I will help you.

    This link has a very simple tutorial to this cushion of felt sheets applied with sewing machines. Click The Beutifull Mess.

    And here at OhOh Blog has a temporary decoration suggestion, if you enjoy change the mood of your crib each season. Please, enjoy and then recycle the Garland of leaves of paper.

    Here in the village also has tips that you can adapt to recreate the tropical trend, just switch to their leaves, pineapples or toucans

    • Customize a mobile with leaves
    • Paint fabric sheets
    • Clothesline of leaves to curtain

    Now it’s your turn:is there anything out there around tropical? Tell me in the comments