The That Right the Model Car RC?

These radio controlled cars or automodelos as they are called, are being increasingly diffused in the Leisure and sport of Brazilians. The templates are identical to real car replicas in smaller scales or stylized buggys for off-roading, controlled by radio waves. No rails or guides, the sport goes where if you wish. For those who love speed, is pure adrenaline, reach impressive marks in the case of a roll-over, there is no risk for those who drive, because after all, the pilot is not on board. It’s indescribable the feeling you have to fly these machines at a track competition, the realism of the exchange of gears and automatic gear is exciting. It is also gratifying to see the results of the arrangements made in the cars, are those arrangements that can make you a champion. This sport brings people together, there is an exchange of knowledge and experiences. Here father and son playing together, intensifying the friendship that already exists.

The operation is quite simple, the broadcast is made by radio transmitter that is with the pilot, in the car there is a receiver that picks up these signals, and directs for both the motor and brake as for the flywheel drive (some models also ussam a third channel to the defendant).

The automodelos today, in your most, are purchased ready (RTR), already assembled, but if you wish, you can choose by competition called top of the line, in this case, besides the Assembly will need to acquire radio and motor separately according to your need (Kit or Pro).

Basically there are combustion models (glow uses methanol or gasoline for larger models) and coil, for asphalt (on-road), mixed (rally) or for dirt track (off-road).

We treat here of off-road combustion models, for which our runway is adequate.

The combustion automodelos off-road (glow) are powered by a special alcohol-based fuel, Castor or synthetic oil and Nitromethane. This compound comes ready to be used and can be easily purchased in any store. The engine is two times, whose operation is very similar to a miniature motorcycle engine. The sport to combustion, do a little dirt and a little noise, but the dirt, the smell and the baraulho that matter.

Off-road models can be divided into 3 categories, among others:

-Buggy: are miniature vehicles similar to the famous “Baja” used in California (USA). The most common are in the 1/10 ranges (+-30/40 cm long), 1/8 (45/55 cm) or 1/5 scale. It’s basically a track car for races and handles. In ACT, the vast majority use buggies on 1/8 scale combustion.

-MT-Monster Truck-mimic vans with “rodões”. Mixed car: you can walk on the runway, in a soccer field or climbing a cliff. As joint car suffers to run on the track following the buggies (or climb a gully following carrao “hiker” – “specific crawler”).

-Truggy – is basically a dune buggy with bigger wheels. Most models is adaptation of dune buggies