The Success of Red Lipstick!

“Don’t get m I loose laughter with some advice q EU today I passed red lipstick”- and that’s with the stretch of old music and crazy that I start the day. Who has doubts about the success of red lipstick, that spans decades and is synonymous with power and glamour. The red lipstick is and always has been an icon of beauty. The success of this colour on the lips went through decades and gained fame and power.

In addition, of course, technology focused on hydration, intense color and durable, solar protection factor and numerous other benefits. Classical and synonym of sensuality, the makeup with red lipstick is one of those wild-card options. Perfect for those days when you want to carve it up, that make highlights the lips, ensuring more softness to the look.

Despite being in high for several seasons, the red lipstick still arouses fear in many women. After all, who has never been in doubt about the colour and it’s time for you to go over your favorite pale opting for? According to, but the truth is not always the red lipstick is synonymous with heavy makeup or exaggerated, Yes, to use it and at the same time maintain a sleek and sophisticated, since he’s one of the classics of fashion. And we know, a mouth with lipstick red draws attention from anyone, be it in the open or closed tone pulled the wine. It is true that using a red mouth requires a makeup done and a lot of training before passing the lipstick on my lips.

I took advantage and selected for you some suggestions of Red lipsticks in different shades, from the most classic to the most vibrant. But earlier, a hint, ladies: I always use red lipstick doing before the outline with lipstick. In addition to help hold the lipstick and not smudge, it also leaves your lips more beautiful and sophisticated.