The Stages of Labor

The Birth Of The Baby Takes Place In Four Phases: Latent Phase, Active Phase, Expulsive Period And Dequitadura. Learn What The Experts Say About Each One Of The Stages Of Childbirth.

Childbirth progresses in four stages according to the large proportion of technical books: latent phase, active phase, expulsive period and dequitadura.

According to Antonia Prates, Nurse in Obstetrics and Maternal Health, parents should know the physiology of labour since a ‘ pregnancy informed contributes to the experience of birth is safer and rewarding. ‘

Latent Phase

The latent stage is the first stage of labor. Is the period that comprises the effacement of the cervix and the initial phase of expansion. Is the longest phase of childbirth. A first calving, can last, on average, eight to 12 hours.

Active Phase

The active phase occurs as soon as the mother presents three to four centimeters dilated to 10 centimeters, what usually is called “crowning”. At first childbirth, on average, the active phase lasts about 6 to 8 hours.

Expulsive Period

As the name indicates, the expulsive period consists of the expulsion of the baby through the birth canal, which usually is meant the birth of the baby. This period is variable, and may last up to about 2 hours, especially if there is the effect of epidural analgesia.


The last stage of labor is called dequitadura. Is the expulsion of the placenta after birth of the baby.