The Right Lingerie for Every Look

I’ll confess to you: I was already the victim of a badly chosen lingerie. As the dress was tight I opted for a bra that would fall off. What I did not count on was that with the studio light the stitching of the bra would be evident. It may be that no one has noticed but, to me, was enough to dim the glow of the beautiful long dress.

Elegance dwells in details. Silicon wrappings, colorful panties beneath light clothing, seams marked under a dress are enough to steal a slice of elegance. Lingerie “pops in” only if it is on purpose and to give a hint of look style. Otherwise it is best for it to go unnoticed.

Choosing the underwear according to the look makes all the difference. And you do not have to have an arsenal of lingerie, no! We prepare a list of the most appropriate pieces for each style of clothing. So the lingerie will only appear the right way, ie if you want to show!

  1. Back Necklines

You do not have to stop buying a dress or a blouse with a bust on the back because it does not feel good without a bra. There is a specific model to match low-cut pieces, whose straps are attached to the panties. Thus, comfort those who do not exempt the bra is maintained while the back is to the show – with no handle or lock appearing intrusive.

  1. Silk Shirt

For being very thin silk is a fabric that has light transparency and marks textures, especially when in light colored pieces. The ideal is to choose bras with reinforcement in the bust and seamless, since even the bulge is evident in shirts of silk.

  1. Fitting Parts

With tank tops or dresses, the bras will take that fall are the best options. And we can not miss our wardrobe since, in the heat, we resort to sleeveless pieces. When choosing your bra provides models of different brands: the bra should be pretty safe in the back, but without tightening, and the size of the bulge suitable to your bust. Try it until you find a drop that you can call your own!

  1. Fair Dresses

If the modeling is set to the body and the fabric brand panty with smaller modeling and without seams, as dental floss, it is the most suitable. If the dress is light, prefer colors such as beige or chocolate.

  1. “Accessory” Bra

If the idea is that the bra works as an accessory to give the look modernity then it can appear with everything. It is worth betting on the prints, the contrast of color and even on the textures like the income. But attention: reserve the idea for the ballad or informal situations, combined?

  1. White Pants

No way to invent fashion: with white pants the best are the panties in shades of beige and chocolate. According to the pant fabric you can choose between finer and seamless panties or even traditional cotton models. The thinner the fabric of the pants, the thinner should also be that of the panties.