The New Skirts

The Different Lengths That Will Be Used In The Station And In What Form They Must Be Conjugated

The feminist trend has dominated the parades of the most influential servants in their proposals for this fall. The inspiration of the collections was focused on the woman, highlighting her feminine character with some parts that are inherent to her. In the early days, women were not wearing pants, nor was this imaginable. Her skirts and dresses were her daily outfits. Over time, the woman surrendered to the practical factor of the trousers and went off of the skirts. Lately, we have witnessed the return of this feminine element to the ladies’ closets in various shapes, shapes, patterns and colors.

The mini skirtis a must for this season. They want to be inspired in the grunge era and with a biker style, often decorated with buckles and other elements more urban and rebellious. The mini skirts that stand out are those of black leather, those of standard tartan, skirts round, pleated or with the finish in peplum. The variety is huge, now just adapt the mini skirt to your personal style. If you follow trends, you will like the tartan skirts that you can easily combine with a black basic top and a leather jacket and some booties to taste. If you prefer leather skirts, combine them with a thick knit sweater or a chess pattern sweater. Short skirts are generally worn for casual and casual occasions. But, as with everything, it’s a question of adapting everything to any situation. For a more elegant occasion, I wear a mini-skirt in a classic shirt and black heels. Use your imagination, but never lose the fashion sense!

A little longer than the mini skirt are the  midi skirts, which can be distinguishable between above the knee and the knee. Those that are a few inches above can easily be found in different colors and patterns, most commonly in black, gray and striped patterns. They are extremely versatile and are easier to fit into specific situations than mini ones. They always look good with a sweater or a thin basic sweater. If you want to test new combinations, wear skirts with knit sweaters, biker coats and boots or tennis shoes. They are, at first, less usual looks but when used correctly, they result. If you choose a more classic outfit use the midi skirt above the knee with black pumps and a black blouse and decorate the look with a simple clutch. It is the ultimate elegance that contemporary women so much appreciate. For an informal occasion, wear a midi skirt with a basic turtleneck or top with small details and black boots with or without a heel. For a formal touch, combine this type of skirt with a matching shirt and high-heeled shoes, where wedges and platforms are excluded. If it is a raised waist skirt, wear it with a short top. Usually this type of combination usually works very well, but you must always take care to achieve a stylish and modern look.

Finally,  long or maxi skirts  can also be worn at this station. Longer skirts are more difficult to match in these colder months. However, they are a great option to switch between pants. To wear the long skirts in the best way, combine them with a knit sweater and low-heeled boots. They are ideal for a casual and relaxed look.