The New Number One

Nokia’s first Smart phone with UMTS support continues with a comfortable lead at the top of our mobile rankings. The combination of complete equipment and ease of use proved to be unbeatable in the test.

As the first series 60 Smart phone supports fast data service UMTS the 6630. And he is awarded the device. The 6630 but even more is ahead of many, in-house competition. Some previous disqualified by a playful design. The last ounce of true mobile fortunately lacked many in the facilities.

The 6630 no nakedness is with MP3 player, integrated mega pixel camera, Outlook connectivity and high-speed Internet access. With the Pocket PC 6630, you can also equally work and have fun.

Telephone And Multimedia: Finally Stereo Sound

What does the 6630, what other Nokia Smartphones do not offer? An MP3 player with stereo sound for example.

Music player
Nokia Series-60 basis like the 6600 peers almost all provide mono sound. However, the 6630 rocks in stereo and on top of that will play AAC files from Apple’s iTunes. It lacks the supplied earphones from Elaineqho  on bass, otherwise the player sounds good.

We know from the models of 6670 or 7610 megapixel camera: it delivers photos with a resolution of 1,280 x 960 pixels and videos with 176 x 144 pixel resolution. According to Nokia, the length of the videos is maximum one hour, limits the size of the photos the phone upon request on MMS compatible 300 KByte. What’s new: the 6630 dominated thanks to UMTS support video calls also. You are thus hardly happy. For a camera on the front of the phone. As a temporary solution for the desktop, Nokia offers a docking station with additional cam.

In addition to the less than 10 MB of built-in memory Nokia provides with large RS-MMC (reduced size multi media card) 64 MByte. The cards can be changed on the fly. After opening the cover starts a wizard the 6630 automatically.

Phone features
Despite the really powerful features which will irritate you hardly up to the last, with the 6630 phone calls quickly and easily. The phone offers voice dialing, voice control and profiles that you create. And it sparks in the GSM networks in the United States. Actually, only the connection for an external antenna is missing. What has liked: in addition to MIDI, MP3 and even recorded ring tones that signaled 6630 calls with a range of subtle unanimous call tones.

The 6630 is content like all series 60 smartphones with a mobile phone keypad. For text input, which is not exactly ideal. Best you enter contacts and appointments on your computer. The corresponding data exchange between 6630 and Outlook works smoothly.

The USB data cable is included, optional the synchronization via Bluetooth works. In the test, we bypassed just over 1,000 contacts in 6:20 minutes. Still, Who must collect data on the road often, is may be better served by a Smartphone with touchscreen or typewriter keyboard.

What makes the 6630 on a real Smartphone is the open operating system that allows for the installation of additional Symbian programs. An interesting application brings the device right: thanks to Quickoffice, you can open E-Mail received word and Excel files and read.

Otherwise, the proven functions of the PDA, which we know from other series 60 smartphones – as task lists, currency converter and notes provides the 6630. In the address book, you can save countless details to each contact. Practical: With the function wallet secure password-protected credit card data or secret codes.

Where it still gets stuck: the 6630 is slightly faster than some predecessors, in many places, but still a bit too slowly.

Data functions
The real highlight, fast data traffic via UMTS, inspired by a successful integration. With the conventional GPRS settings had become easily fit our test device-for the T-Mobile – as well as for the Vodafone network. E-Mail client, browser and even mobile Internet access for the notebook were decorated in no time and without harassment. And just when browsing your notebook is the speed advantage of

Practice: No Weakness

Visually check the 6630 hardly its UMTS capabilities. The Smartphone is just a little thicker than the series 60 competitors.

Facts & figures
This is not least due to the elevated ring around the camera. The rubberized protection gives some grip the device also on smooth surfaces and protects the glass from scratches. The display (176 x 208 pixels) is bright and contrasty, the competition from Samsung or sharp provides significantly more brilliant ads.

The handy format, the keyboard isn’t particularly large falls. The rounding down on the device creates space for Series 60-typical control buttons. In spite of the limited space available, we came with keyboard and control well right, the five way navigation is also safe to use. The processing has no reason to complain, the battery cover for Nokia devices often an Achilles heel, is stuck.

With the operation of the series 60 smartphones you have made friends quickly.Nokia are also small improvements succeeded: instead of links above the cursor when the toggle of menu lands on a menu item in the middle. Thus, four functions are accessible with just one more click. Still more practical: Two soft keys and the complete five buttons in the navigation can be functions. So, you can reach the seven major applications with the touch of a button.

The voice quality of the 6630 is good. The caller sounded present and quite naturally. A similar picture emerged on pages of the caller. The usual drop-outs, when both conversation partners confused talk, were limited. The integrated handsfree sounds strong.

Conclusion: With High Speed At The Top

The model of care has paid off: Nokia’s new series 60 hit sits at the top of our rankings.

Two years ago, Nokia has duped the competition with the first series 60 smartphone.The 7650 other mobile manufacturers to apply anything.

Then, Siemens and co. have caught up, Nokia allowed become bogged down is partly with unusual design ideas (3650, 7610). With the 6630, the Finns have found back to their old virtues. The more at Facilities (UMTS) and the simultaneous integration of rock-solid and comfortable telephone and news features is the 6630 compared to the Konurrenz clear.

The successful Integration of UMTS especially we liked.

In the Practice test know the device but not to shine, Samsung is still somewhat higher quality devices. The displays of Asian competitors the Nokia versions can compete with also still. However, the Finns allow here no significant weakness. Who must provide data on the road often, is perhaps better served by a mobile phone with typewriter style keyboard.

Who do without the MP3 player and fast Internet access via UMTS, gets a little more compact device with similar service and affordable price with the Nokia 6670 for 530 euros.