The More Light, the Better

When you’re walking with a heavy backpack, your whole body suffers, knees, legs, back and even the arms. It’s a relief to get the backpack, you loose on the floor making a big noise.

There is a new culture which updates old patterns of weight. In ancient culture, your backpack should not weigh more than 30% of your body weight, i.e. If I weigh 70 kg shouldn’t take more than 21 kg. In the new culture the weight of your backpack is rated on some tracks. These are base weights, i.e., do not include consumables such as: food, water, fuel for the stove and any item that you are wearing.

Military-above 30 kg. (with lots of Ammo)

Hardcore-between 20 kg and 30 kg

Normal-between 10 kg and 20 kg.

Take between 5 kg and 10 kg.

Ultralight-between 2.5 kg and 5 kg.

Super Lightweight-below 2.5 kg.

Of course to climb the lighter tracks there are a few options:

Buy everything new, choosing the most expensive equipment and light.

Make your own equipment, or use disposable and recyclable and things you already have around the House.

A combination of the above.

Before preparing your backpack, spread all over a table or on the floor of the room and look carefully at each item. Consider whether you will use each item on this trip and leave home you don’t need. Even if you conclude that you will use this item, consider whether you can have without him. For example: you can stay without combing their hair during this period? So you can think of leaving at home the hairbrush.

The best way to reduce weight is leaving home that you don’t need. What was in your backpack weigh ZERO.
Be careful with large backpacks, you always think you have to occupy the entire space of her and ends up taking things that you won’t need.

Get a scale and weigh each item of your backpack, including the backpack. Make a spreadsheet on the computer, list all the items and their weights, try to go about changing options and add all the weights. Consider whether you can use something lighter for doing the same function for each item.
Try using items that may serve for more than one function. For example: Walking canes can be used as a framework for the installation of some types of tents that for not using Rails, are much lighter. My tent weighs 810 g for using this option.
Repeat this process several times. You will be surprised as each passed through all the items in the backpack, and pondering whether it will really need it, you’re going to let anything else in the House.

In the picture above we can see ALL my equipment to track. A 22 litre backpack that loads, weighs less than 4 kg, a Fanny Pack with two bottles and a big pocket, two walking sticks, trail glove, pants with zipper in legs that stands like a bermuda, watch with compass and a very light tennis that was out of the picture.

I will describe first the items I carry out of the bag:

Bat walk Quechua Forclaz 500 Light (230 g) (product Link). Telescopic structure can be adjusted up to 1, 3 m of height. Andrew Skurka, a Super Celebrity of the trails in the United States, recommends the use of two walking sticks to relieve stress on the knees and help balance.

Fanny Pack Kailash KTR 5 l (320 g) (Product Link), has two bottles of 750 ml each. Your front pocket allows frequently used items are always at hand. It is ideal to keep some chocolates and sweets that will be consumed during the walk. According to incredibleflashlight, in this picture we can see also: Switchblade Cheetah Atom 22 (128 g) (product Link), insect repellent cream 100 ml (93 g), the wonderful flashlight Petzl Tikka RXP (115 g) (details on this issue), sunscreen factor 40 with 50 ml (65 g).

Gripworkx Sleeve for track (imported), notice the leather reinforcement index finger to the thumb in the area of greater contact with the bat. The whole Palm of the hand is of non-slip material.

Watch Cheetah Electronic Adventure (Product Link). This watch is very interesting features: altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass. Its biggest flaw is not very resistant to water, which is a problem for a product intended for use wild. The site says it can handle rain, but may not be submerged in water.(See details in the blog Survivalism).

Sea to Summit Ultrasil Daypack Dry Daypack (90 g) (Link to the product).That’s right, this bag is made of Cordura fabric, which is a siliconized nylon weighs 10% of the weight of my bag before.

The zipper is waterproof as a watertight bag. This backpack is really waterproof.Has internal sealing the seams. This string is to allow the fixation of some objects on the outside like socks hung to dry while you walk, it also allows to compress bag to reduce the movement of the content if it is not too full.

The handles are made of the same fabric of the backpack, in this case it took a slight change. The handle is made of two layers of fabric sewn together, but when you put the Backpack on his shoulders this nonwoven is comfortable. I cut a small part of the seam and insert two 3 mm thick EVA on each side and sew again. Now it’s a lot more comfortable on his shoulders, even with the bag.

Speaking of bag, this is the content of it. I will describe in the following:

Written Exped bag (957g). Original bag Exped Downmat Lite 5 insulation that will double in the bottom of the bag forming a structure to support the back. This bag now contains the tent for 2 people tracks and Paths Flash 2 (810 g) (product Link). This tent costs less than R $170.00 on the website (details on this issue), 6 aluminum stakes (90 g) and also the pump to fill the thermal insulator.

Sleeping bag Deuter Dreamlite 500 (product Link) + clothes (816g).This sleeping bag is suitable for temperatures: confOrtho + 13° C, limit, and +10°C and -3°C is very compact and very light (580 g), your fabric is very comfortable. If it is too cold, this sleeping bag will be used in conjunction with the Sun Scape Bivvy (described below). In the same package, also managed to compress a pair of socks and a change of clothes.

Mosquito net for Nautika head. Used as bag for several small items (591g):

  1. (66 g) hygiene Kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, Chapstick (ChapStick).
  2. Emergency kit (41 g): several different band-AIDS, gauze, pain reliever, nail Clipper, sachet for cleaning wounds.
  3. Utility Kit (140 g): several garbage bags, Duct Tape, 20 m of cord, Antiseptic.
  4. Survival Kit Bear Grills(319g): original Kit (details on this issue), pads, lighter, compass Clorin, repair kit for thermal insulation.
  5. Wetted towels (Baby Wipes) for cleaning staff.

Written bag SUN Scape Bivvy-Kitchen Kit (173g): this bag contains kitchen items: a small saucepan with a capacity of 450 mL and foil thick cover, stove for ethanol made from cans of soda, windbreaker (foil),plastic spoon Quechua, Sea to Summit X Bowl (silicone Bowl), ethanol (alcohol in rank), small tube, small sponge detergent, water filter and flexible bottle 32 oz (almost 1 liter) Squeeze Sawyer.

Bag of food: Noodles, rice, instant soup, risotto, fruit punch, Clif Bar, Energy Gel, chocolate Snickers, Protein Bar, Quick Knorr (soup Cup).According to the duration of the track the amount of food will change.Some tips: chocolate Snickers has a huge amount of calories, very good to replenish energy during walking. Instant soups are a great source of sodium, which in everyday life we should avoid, but during a period of great muscular fatigue sodium and minerals are very necessary.

Windbreaker Track & Field yellow (160 g) (as I am beautiful in this picture!). This blouse is waterproof but breathable at the same time IE allows the steam come out but do not let the water in. Has double function because it can be used for signaling. In the photo we see also the hat with flaps Quechua.

The small blue bag is the original packaging of the backpack. The bag came in this tiny bag that today takes a small knife and a small flashlight that can be used in case of emergency. Below we see: aluminum Stakes, Petzl e + lite Flashlight and knife Leatherman Style PS.

Pillow Pillow Klymit X Recon (68 g) (imported). This pillow has a drawing that helps keep the head in the Center, as well as allows a much greater comfort to the ear when it is lying on its side. Fits in this small bag up in the photo.

Emergency sleeping bag SUN Scape Bivvy olive (226 g) (imported).This sleeping bag is made of a material that is both water-resistant and breathable too. May seem fragile, but there are people using it regularly for over 2 years with no problems. Even in the cold, your body releases a lot of steam, so it is essential that you don’t use any waterproof material as an insulator, or you’re going to dawn soaked. This material is also internal side aluminized, reflecting body heat back. Is very efficient. I’ve seen a lot of reports of people using only this bag to sleep in the snow, obviously also wearing warm clothes during the night. My idea is to use this sleeping bag outside the Deuter 500 and thermal capabilities, in addition to protecting the Deuter water from the outside.As well as the insulation will folded in the back of the bag, this sleeping bag folded will in front of the bag inside.

Thermal insulating inflatable Exped Downmat Lite 5 (613g) (Details on this issue). This mattress is internally coated with insulating feathers, being comfortable, suitable for temperatures up to 5 degrees.

And finally this little black bag is a heater Nautika for sleeping bag (product Link). Very useful when you’re surprised by a cold greater than was prepared. When you open the plastic bag and the air comes into contact, the inner material heats up to 50°C for up to 10 hours. Is indicated to be placed in the armpits, or other place where the heat is quickly spread through the body to avoid hypothermia.

I’ve done a track carrying this equipment. Were 9.5 km round trip being with a good climb above 1000 m of altitude. Throughout the journey and even at the end, I felt like I was walking without any weight.

I recommend everyone to reduce the weight of your gear for the Ultralight category. Feel the freedom of being able to explore all the wonders without the burden of a heavy load.