The Ideal Make-Up According To Your Skin Tone

You close your big day and still do not know how makeup? As every decision you make about your image, it must also make it based on your physiognomy.

You say what are the colors that best goes with your skin tone and that they will highlight your factions to look lovely in all the pictures is why.

Yellow Skin And Olive

Latinas we are characterized by a warm tone in the skin; a perfect balance between the trigueño and white and with a sunlight-resistant skin. This kind of complexion is very easy to combine with a wide range of colors. To view fabulous, tries to avoid the black and white since they may cause you to see pale. Also discards the pastel shades as they will make you see off. Take a chance and ups the ante with bright colors such as blue, wine or you can choose a palette of roses to look natural and at the same time illuminated.

White And Pink Skins

If your skin is clear, either with ctcss pink or yellow, cold shades will be your best allies to highlight your beauty. Avoid reddish blush then only will accentuate the Red areas of your face, features of your skin type, promotes the use of tones peach or rosewood. Nail, dare to wear aburgundy color that will highlight with your skin. For the eyes, the lilac or plum tones, they will create a perfect contrast with your complexion.

Brown Skin

If your complexion is rather brunette, warm tones highlight your face, giving a light and unique reflections. For nails and lips to team up with the Pearlescent finishes, the brightness of these will attract attention towards you. You can also bet on lipstick in color Red, Orange intense orrosa mexicano; continuing on the line of the Fiery tones, it clarifies your cheeks with Orange blush with a background or flashes of Brown, Plum-coloured or pink Mexican to highlight the freshness and naturalness of your skin. To frame your eyes, shadow tones that are better going are the bronzes, purples and warm tones.