The Garden of Joy

The vertical gardens they have a little art and a lot of nature. Since the first vertical gardens came to our lives, there has been a revolution. Fully integrating the vegetation in the architecture to achieve environmental benefits with minimal water and energy consumption, it has been the maximum of vertical gardens designers (landscape?).

A whole universe of feedback systems and storage of water from rain, covered garden, debugging and greywater, plant species that optimize the uptake of contaminants from the air and cooling and air recirculation systems, have invaded the horizontal gardens as well as the vertical, in the hands of professionals and engineers.

But I don’t want to go that far, only today I want to show a series of different vertical gardens, homemade. In decoration there is room for everything, and only with a little creativity and imagination, we can get a vertical garden of the most original. Do you fancy them to create your own vertical garden?

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