The Fishing Of The Fisheries

I’m always researching fisheries and tips on how to adapt to these sites until I found a fishing without doubt is the best from all over the world: the Gillhams Fishing Resort.

For starters he is located and Krabi in Thailand, a place somewhat away for us.

This site is full of benefits, new features, comfort and well-being to the fisherman.


Created by Stuart Gillham and your son Sean, they were looking for a site to build your fishing resort, Krabi Province, and it was there where the business started.

On the construction of the Lake, was a challenge, since many engineers failed there, but in the end managed to overcome their challenges.

When the Lake was being built, Stuart met Mr. Egg, a fish vendor who helped deploy the species.

About the resort

There was built an infrastructure completely dedicated to the comfort of the fisherman and of your family, check!

Wi-fi for guests.

Swimming pool of 7 x 15 m. m. overlooking the Lake and stunning scenery.

First class restaurant, overlooking the Lake and pub-style bar, satellite tv, and a boss for making western dishes and other Thai Oriental dishes, head for IE, we don’t have to worry about eating a traditional food from Thailand, we can eat our favorite dishes here in Thailand without occur what we call culture shock.

room with air conditioning and fan.

There are rules for employees are fully educated and unless they have authorization from the guest, will not enter in the rooms.

The Gillhams is situated in the middle of a National Park, where we have a full contact with nature, through a walk with a view of unspoiled forests and waterfalls.

Nearby there are activities such as: Elephant and Horse ride, golf courses, designer shopping, boat trips to neighbouring islands and desertas and even wild rafting.

There is an endless list of activities and you can spend a holiday here doing different things every day, or you can simply laze around picking up some of the largest freshwater fish in the world!

With 9 hectares in size, the main Lake is home to many river monsters.

There, air-conditioned chalets with a view to 12 metres from the Lake, They are equipped with ceiling fans to those who don’t like air conditioning. All have hot showers, mini-bar with fridge and personal safe. The cottages have large shaded balconies covered with lake views and your own fishing area. You don’t have to fish out your cabin, and if you want to fish other areas of the Lake there are plenty of fishing areas available. The cottages are built on one side of the Lake in tropical gardens. This side of the Lake, as well as the top end, is private for guests ‘ use in just the cottages, keeping it in total privacy in a tropical paradise.

The site is surrounded all a walk quietly paved path around the Lake.

Full time 24 hour security is provided to ensure total privacy and security. There will be a daily ticket fishing Bank limited by appointment, are only allowed 10 people fishing in the Lake. Also available at an extra cost, is a babysitting service (nannies) using trusted and experienced ladies of local families.


Fishing equipment are provided, and provided 2 Rods with Reels and a certain amount of bait.

The sticks are the model Cat Tamer and Reel Shimano Big Pit Baitrunner, series, the lines are Gold Label Range, and even warning alarms for bites on the line, any movement on the line, an alarm will blink to indicate the stick and play an alarm, cutting-edge technology.


Soon with all the luxury you will find you will spend a fortune to go fishing, but no, a great cost for fishing and stay, with several fishing packages and stay.
For more pricing information see here.