The First to Reach of All Pocket Watch

Georges Frederic Roskopf designed Pocket Watch dubbed “The proletarian” chasing a dream. Some will say that it was a dream of equality, a burning desire to worker houses a considerate item of luxury. A cry calling for equality between classes.

Others, however, can argue that the only reason behind the launch of a ‘low cost’ pocket watch was to increase the performance of your business. Perhaps Roskfopf saw an emerging market untapped and designed an affordable product at this low price, hoping to sell a large number of units. Capitalism, pure and simple.

They were which were the reasons, the proletarian Roskopf, priced at 20 Swiss francs was born in 1867 (the salary of one week of a non-qualified worker) and, despite its name, the main buyers were aristocrats and officers of the army.

How got Roskopf reduce the price of your Pocket Watch ??

First of all managed to use less parts. One of the changes that can be considered revolutionary was the fact dispense with Center wheel, the minute hand cannon goes directly geared to the barrel of the pier.

He developed an exhaust system mounted on a platform, joining in a simple and fast. It also facilitated repairs, since it only had to remove the damaged part and place a new one exactly the same. Used Looper was pin, cheaper than the usual pallet.

Instead of using a box of fine materials, he chose one made of German silver (nickel, zinc and copper alloy) sober and unadorned. Also eliminated any kind of implementation mechanism in time: the ensemble was robust enough to allow that the needles were moved directly with your finger.

Roskopf incorporated a system of Crown to rope to his “proletarian” (most of the watches of the time brought a key to do so) and used a system of endless spring, which prevented breakages and reduced visits to the watchmaker.

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