The First Consignment of Android TV Is out with the Developers

Although Android TV is still in the development stage, have a few lucky developers got a test unit.

Android TV was launched during Google’s i/o Conference at the end of June, and since then we have not heard so much in the little box that so many have high expectations.

Hardware and software for Android TV is not yet quite finely tuned, therefore must many developers resort to an emulator to develop apps for the small box. But now it appears that Google will boost development, since they have just issued a number of devices to selected developers. 

The actual design of the box, we will not put as much in, as it is merely a development device created specifically for app developers. The box has the button so the name was changed to “ADT-1” and this is probably also not the final name as Google will baptize the device.

As can be seen in the picture are included also a check for the device, but we have seen before, so it may very well be the case design of the controller will be.

When Android TV comes out to consumers remains to be seen, but with these ADT-1s will certainly boosted the app-development, and thus is Android TV one step closer to the final launch.

What are your expectations for the Android TV?