The Favourite Bags of Employees: Gernot and His Strellson

Today I would like to introduce an additional bag department store employee and his favorite bag you. Gernot is the team leader in marketing and is responsible for everything that has to do in the bag department store marketing, and takes care of the press – and public relations. This together with his team, he developed all marketing ideas, planning campaigns, evaluates all marketing actions and inspires so the customers over and over again by introducing the latest trends and products you. Also, he agrees with agencies and service providers- and who has to do so much every day, you need also a great bag!

Why did you choose for this bag?

Since I often have contact with external partners, it should be a bag that makes impression. The brand Strellson is perfectly suitable for this. It is also Jones soft Briefcase with its size and color trendy and sporty at the same time is what more natural like my. Generally I like Strellson brand (also the clothing) and therefore I looked first at Strellson after a new bag.

When you take this bag?

Every day when I go to work, and of course for my appointments with agencies and partners. In fact, the bag is my only business bag from and therefore my daily companion. In private life, I use one of my bags then often times.

What is always in your Pocket?

It’s simple: Mobile, purse, key, umbrella, candy, headphones, charger for mobile phones, pen and paper or even my tablet, magazines and sometimes my lunch.

What do you particularly like about your Pocket?

First of all the color: I deliberately Brown opted for, as this is in line with the trend and my outfit is thus also loosened up. I was immediately impressed by the two main subjects, because I like it neat and like to sever documents, wallet and keys from the laptop space. Also the long shoulder strap was another plus for the bag.

How many bags do you have in total at home?

I have a total of about 11 bags. 2 shoulder bags, 3 backpacks, 1 sports bag, 1 bag, 1 bag, but 3 trolleys in different sizes.

Of course also a purse and a bag of course. So for every occasion the right case

Are you also as well as Gernot? Actually, rather you are a sporty type, but you must wear a classic Briefcase for the job? Then, Strellson , the ideal brand for you is, because it stands for a great mix of sportiness and elegance. Or with which bag are you at work?