The Different Types of Piercings Fashion Jewelry

Originated as a part of the punk culture in America, body piercing has become a popular trend in the world today. This body art makes a fashion statement original and India is not left behind to follow this trend. Piercing involves drilling a body part with a fine needle to insert or fix a piece of jewelry such as rings. In addition to styling, body piercings are also made for the cultural, religious and sexual preferences. Piercing can symbolize Gothic fashion, but when done in unhygienic conditions that can cause infections and allergic reactions.Today, body piercing is not restricted to women alone, as well as men began to take this technique.

Comparing Body Piercing Between Ancient Times And Today

Although modified over time, the trend of piercing dates back to ancient times, when people used to Pierce their bodies for different reasons.Then the art of spiritual rites of passage marked drilling and release. On the other hand, some people preferred intimate or erotic drilling for sexual improvement. Today people recognize the body piercing as a Gothic or bold fashion accessory or to make a statement. The drilling sites also have changed over time. In recent times, piercing is a pattern more visible in both men and women.

We shall know about the various types of piercings and your meaning.

1 Piercing. Ear:

Ear piercing is probably the oldest form of drilling still in practice since ancient times. This is done in all areas of the ears, including cartilage and the Wolf. One of the most popular styles is tragus piercing which offers a cover over the opening of the ear canal. Earrings look elegant, and one can go for more of a drilling in both ears. Here at mcat-test-centers you can get more different models and styles.

2. Nostril Piercing:

Along with ear piercing, nostril piercing dates back to ancient civilizations and was especially prevalent in native America. He made your way to India at a later stage, although some nostril piercing people mistake as a local culture of India. Nostril piercing has been a popular choice for drilling. Nose is, in fact, the first location where facial piercing. In addition to the nostrils, the septum is another popular spot for drilling. Septum piercing is located at the base of the nose in the narrow divider skin. septum piercing is often marked with a ring making a bold statement.

3. Earring In Eyebrow:

Eyebrow piercing made your entry in early 1970. eyebrow piercing is a unisex approach, and is mostly seen in American companies. This style of eyebrow pierced now has slowly swallowed the young people of South-East Asian countries and in Europe. You can try different tiny jewelry on pierced eyebrows.

4. Tongue Ring:

Elayne Angel master artist introduced the art of tongue ring. Since then, his tongue penetrating won the hearts of many Americans. This art is not popular in the rest of the world, when compared to other forms of piercing. However, challenging young people from all over the world prefer.

5. Penetrating Nozzle:

This form is seen majorly in males. Mostly adorned by the Americans, the people in India and South Africa also have adapted this model. The trend of nipple piercing dates back to the Victorian era, when men used to Pierce their nipples as part of your cavalry and value.

Body piercing is a Gothic art, which allows a person to express its views on certain subjects. Not all go to this art-bold it takes a lot of force to a person to bear the look. Besides the above mentioned, there are other body piercings in areas such as lips, navel, etc. Are you planning to get a piercing? Go ahead and display your new fashion accessory!