The Charm of the Stripes

We are surrounded by stripes. They are in our clothes, in facades, inside our home. Today they mean elegance and sophistication, but it wasn’t always like this. In antiquity stripes was seen as heresy, something abhorrent, served to divide classes, State of mind. Even the etymology of the word reveals that the meaning of the stripes is almost always related to privança and punishment. The historian and paleographer Michel Pastoureau did a thorough test of the subject. Titled “the Devil’s Cloth, a history of stripes and striped fabrics”, the book reveals the relationship of stripes with the society, both within social, cultural as the politico:

“… the stripes express fully the images from the 15th century. They can not only signify the transgression of social or moral order, distinguish the servants of the bosses, the executioners of the victims, the crazies of the sane of mind, the damned of the elect, but can also express more subtly certain nuances and certain levels within value systems less categorical. Therefore, the stripes are at the same time an iconographic code and a visual sensitivity mode. ” – Michel Pastoureau

Over time society stopped being averse the stripes and they were gaining your space. There was a time when they fell into the graces of the aristocracy, but only the vertical, the horizontal were more common among the servants. During the same period they do the homes of the population. Gradually completely changed your negative connotation and were seen as synonyms of cleanliness and hygiene. In the 19th century they were already quite popular and would the Navy uniforms. It was in 1917 that Coco Chanel launches a collection full of striped, nautical-inspired. From that moment the love of stripes only grows, not only in fashion, as in the field of decoration. And let’s be honest, how to enter in an environment with striped walls and not to enchant?

This month the Kola throws an exclusive collection of striped wallpaper composed of vertical and horizontal stripes, available on the website . We opted for lighter colors, pastel colors, candy colors, just by feeling cozy that these colors bring. It also has the gradient wallpaper, available in 4 different shades. And, of course, we do not leave aside the classic black and blue nautical. Liked it?

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