The Bride’s Wedding

Has your son told you that is House and catches you by surprise?

He has played you be the bride unexpectedly and you have accepted but… now what?

Do you know what are the roles played by a bridesmaid?

We know that weddings are all performance in the month of September and probably the yours East coming soon so that… to take air and relax.

Since you give the “if I want to” be bride is a liability and should be at the height of the circumstances. Godmothers, today we bring you the guidelines to follow the preparations of the wedding and the day B.

Before the wedding:

Help the couple to plan the wedding. Be willing to help them in what they need but without wanting to decide it all. It is enough to advise them and give feedback but always leave that them decide.

You will be one of the lucky few who see the dress of the bride before the wedding. Brides like to feel supported in the first tests of dress and for that you’re your. Advise it as if it were your daughter, to the end and it will all be to take your journey now. Look at your body figure and tries to advise with cut of dress than most to promote him.

If the bride decides that their maids of honour or pages carried a similar color palette, this will also be responsible for the bride. The bride will be that all the bridesmaids follow king table ideas having the wedding in terms of styling for that day. Hairstyle, clothing, accessories… everything perfect. This will be your work! By the way, don’t forget the sprigs and rings to pages just before delivery.

Depending on the involvement that you want to have in the link, you can also organize the farewell party. This tends to be based on the trust that you have with the girlfriend but is always a nice touch.

The bride and groom car also goes from your account. Take care of garnish and that this perfect for that day. Both decoration and cleaning. This does not mean that your you have to do, but that you assume that someone do it and this all ready.

The wedding day:

You will be the most observed after the wedding so choose well set and headdress. It is not recommended to be very bright colors that you remove protagonism to the bride.

You accompany the groom to the altar, that means that we must learn to say the right words to reassure him and encourage him before the ceremony. Tell him that everything is fine to sabir and your you’ll be there for anything you need.

After the ceremony, the bride work is organizing the ladies of honour or pages so they dealt rice or rose petals to the guests. You know that there is a tradition of throwing rice at the newlyweds at the door of the Church, courthouse, Town Hall…

At the banquet you can help the bride to deliver gifts from the guests and thank them for coming. Especially when they are family weddings since the two family are represented (by her family: bride and by the family of the: the bride) to thank their guests. Godfather and the groom will do the same with the male guests.

If you are one of the lively also participate in take the lead in the tradition of Court of the League. This is to join the friends of the bride and one of them cut the League’s girlfriend in several pieces. It will be the League table on table and people who pick up a piece of memory, leave money in a tray.

Some tidbits:

Don’t you all ask for help. It’s the day all goes well and you have it under control but also there to have fun. The ladies of honour and friends safe Godfather who also want to lend a hand.

Wear comfortable shoes that day. All we like to go very pretty and who admire us for it but it is best that you combines beautiful and comfortable shoes. You won’t want to miss even a second because they hurt you feet.

Prepare a kit for emergencies. These hot days and such party may need tipitas ibuprofen, scarves… and a lot of other things. Makeup, nail polish of your color and the bride, needle and thread, deodorant, forks, chewing gum or mints, lime and buffers are some of the basics that we recommend for your kit.

We hope that our tidbits you have been helpful and you’re a perfect bride.