The Best LED Flashlights

It’s hard to say which one is the best LED flashlight ever and what the worst, in a market that offers dozens of different models of one of the oldest in the world. In fact it would also be unfair to compare a powerful and professional LED flashlight with an ordinary flashlight. The comparison doesn’t hold up and neither is the price. A list like this is a little game and a bit of curiosity, all made according to your personal tastes and needs. It is obvious that the characteristics of a torch from 200 euros cannot be the same as one from 20 euros, but who says that from 20 euros is not enough for you? According to my needs so I made the following ranking.

  1. Fenix TK35
  2. LED Lenser P 7.2
  3. ThruNite Tn14
  4. Fenix PD35
  5. Fenix TK45

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The fact that you choose a certain brand in favor of another is not a matter of preference, but needs. There are brands that specialize in building lights, Cree LED flashlights, lamps etc. and then there are brands that make a little bit of everything, from batteries for cars to LED flashlights. It is said that the latter are worse of the first, indeed sometimes a product of a company specialized far exceeds that of a specialist company (although should never be so but it is what happens). A matter of taste, personal needs, choice made according to your life experiences. Depending on yourself, try doing a personal ranking, once after we see if it’s the same or has changed.

Who needs LED flashlight?

LED flashlights are widespread today, in spite of the most modern cities do not have almost never of electricity problems, the world is still chock full of places that aren’t reached by power lines or those that are there are so bad that the power failure is commonplace. But the torches they found only in the homes of ordinary citizens, but professional models are genuine tools supplied to professionals such as security guards.

Who more than a guard at night spreads across a building, knows the importance of owning a professional torch, which can illuminate even the darkest corners and suspicion. Of course without the aid of a tool like the LED flashlight work would become a nightmare daydreams. Sure could use a candle, but I see a guard that goes around and scope out a building, room by room, with her candle in her hands, which goes off on the first draft of wind, as well as make him WinCE for the terror they are not alone.

If they didn’t have to go around as we see a man in her booth in the light of the candle, which must always be turned on in case you experience any strange noises? Apart from that it should have a non-negligible candles, as these are subject to fuel you consume also quite fast. So, for some trades and for some people possess an instrument as a professional LED flashlight is not just a way to feel more “professionals”, but a real strength in case of trouble.