The Best Handicrafts for Children 5 Years

The best handicrafts for 5 years children ; Here’s how to entertain them indoors and outdoors with many ideas suitable for their age. Cardboard, paper, plastic, clothespins, shells, leaves and many other ideas for making crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

Up to 5 years, we can say that our children are still children; This is because, once you reach the finish line of the elementary school, will be real adults and will head towards new goals of learning and growth.

As we know, all ages, and the various stages of development, require different skills we acquire along the way, both spontaneously and genetically defined, either due to stimuli that are given to us from the outside.

In 5 years the kids have a lot of manual skills and are able to do odd jobs entertaining both indoors and outdoors. Of course, they will need our help by expert tutors in handedness. Children of 5 years, in fact, difficult to understand all the steps of composing a chore; also, do not use neither glue nor sharp instruments.
They can, however, choose the work, drawing, coloring, guessing how to do something. It is also very important that they learn to use and recognize natural materials such as leaves, stones, wood and develop thinking reversible which enables us to use an object in various contexts, such as a pebble as a paperweight, a small stick of ice cream as stem of a flower and so on. Houses, flowers and DIY, games are preferred to other more complex and less significant.

Let’s see what are the best handicrafts to do with children of 5 years.

Fish with paper plates

A paper plate can be used to do many jobs. The fish is really a form easy to understand and implement: just add the tail and fins and paint as we see in Figure inspired by famous fish like Nemo and other Cartoons.

Paper flowers

Even the flower is a simple and intuitive object that children assemble and costriranno with a deftness easy. In this case, were used the sticks of ice cream to make the stems and flower bed.For the rest you need of colored construction paper, scissors, glue in pencil. Fairies assemble and color the flowers to boys and girls even standing outdoors and inspired by real flowers of our garden beds of spring.

Decorate an object: the hat

An old hat that we have at home can be a good opportunity to develop dexterity and imagination. How? With DIY decorations to create with children. Take a scarf or a piece of cloth, a fabric flower or recycled plastic and assemblatelo with imagination to get a new, suitable in outdoor games and masquerades.