The Best And Worst Oscar Dresses 2013

On Oscar night, but before celebrating the work of actresses and actors, always enjoy the most sophisticated red carpet looks.

Here in tips about fashion show us the models that they used on your arrival at the delivery of prizes, for you to tell us which is your favorite Oscar 2013.

Jennifer Lawrence: the texture and volume of this dress was one of the most beautiful at night. And, although the actress to go on stage to accept your prize she fell, the accident did not seem to matter. That’s why we love this girl.

Salma Hayek: the big surprise of this velvet suit is, is that there was a spectacular cleavage, as usual. Instead, the actress and producer chose a costume in the star were the jewels. The elegant model is an Alexander McQueen.

Jennifer Hudson: one of the most original costumes of the night was this with sequins in blue color. The body that the actress has allows her to use something like this.

Nicole Kidman: Exaggerated? The truth is that this dress has a lot of texture and brightness, it’s hard to know whether it is beautiful or a mistake on the red carpet.

Kristen Stewart: one of the worst night models. On the one hand there is a lot of texture, and if we add the bad fit and Tulle on the sides, the result is terrible.

Naomi Watts: what a lovely dress! The shoulder is the most original and texture and brightness are spectacular. This was one of our favorite looks of the night.

Charlize Theron: in white, without any complications, but fabulous. The top well structured, setting smoothly your silhouette.

Jessica Chastain: This dress is a beauty. The redhead was fantastic with this costume in tom nude with a layer of gloss and a delicate texture. Your naked shoulders and red lipstick, look great. As she described your clothes, it is very “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”.

Amy Adams: This dress seemed perfect for the Oscar nomination. The top has a very delicate texture and the skirt is a blast of glamour. The pale blue was a sophisticated choice.

Renee Zellweger: not surprisingly, she always chooses the Venezuelan Designer, but this time lack glamour to an event so glamorous. Simply the most boring of the red carpet.

Jennifer Garner: the color chosen was spectacular, the tail out of the waist gave a touch too sophisticated for that dress.

Halle Berry: Halle always surprises us with a bold designer and very original, and this dress was not exception. The balance between the lines, the deep neckline and shoulder pads was perfect. Was wonderful.

Amanda Seyfried: She enchants us always, because she always looks very sophisticated dresses. The high collar with super sexy opening in the chest, in addition to the texture, made this dress very fashionable and favoring.

Sandra Bullock: the dress has many details, a very rich texture and sensual transparencies. Perhaps too sophisticated for a hair so simple.

Adele: that dress is beautiful. The sleeves you fall very well and help to create a more delicate silhouette. Applications in all the clothes, give it a touch of glamour.

Anne Hathaway: her style is increasingly delicate, elegant and sophisticated. This is a simple dress, but with lots of charm.

Queen Latifah: white with a few touches of brilliance on the shoulders. Simple and beautiful.

Helena Bonham Carter: what a nice surprise! Seriously, this dress has all the fire and brimstone that enchant.

Nora Jones: Another very pretty dress. I loved the sparkle, texture, lines, makeup and hairstyle.

Jane Fonda: How Daring! What color! The cut of the dress is beautiful.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Fabulous! This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful dresses that we have seen on actresses. In addition, that gorgeous body!

Helen Hunt: Sophisticated and very proud of your simple dress.

Kerry Washington: A gorgeous color and an impressive top all decorated.

Jennifer Aniston: Classic and very charming. Maybe not the most amazing dress of the night, but Aniston look beautiful.

Zoe Saldãna: making this dress is exquisite and all very unique details. In addition, the silhouette is very feminine and favorecedora.

Reese Witherspoon: classic elegance in a vibrant color.

Octavia Spencer: very beautiful. The color is delicate, feminine, elegant and textures create a perfect balance.

Nancy O’Dell: the presenter of the program “Entertainment Tonight” choose a blue dress with a big opening in the legs.

Kelly Osbourne: This dress is sexy and fun, with transparencies, Crusades, brightness and a fallen very charming.

Samantha Barks: cast member ‘ Les Miserables ‘, wore a little black dress, but with a neckline that caught the attention of many.

Kelly Rowland: singer and actress arrived with a beautiful asymmetrical dress black and white and with a high hairstyle.

Giuliana Rancic: A black dress with many folds, perhaps a little over the top.

Maria Menounos: That way prettier than using the color pink! Great for TV presenter!

Brandi Glanville: Which neckline! The protagonist of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” seemed to be about to suffer an accident with this top.

Louise Roe: the TV presenter wore a dress in coral color with embroidery in a more intense.

Robin Roberts: the host of “Good Morning America” chose a blue dress for the occasion.