Tested: Lipstick I Whim to Tracta Blogs

One of the things I love most about blogging is to know other great people and so it was with Luiza Gomes, the blog I Capriccio, I ever loved with passion. Luiza is one of those people full of light, with a sympathy so big that you can’t fall in love with in the first minute you talk to her. I admire the work she does with the blog, your charisma, your simplicity and your good taste. This girl has won my heart and became an example of blogger and of person for me.

It was with much love and joy that I received as a gift the lipstick of the blog “I Whim” to the Tracta Blogs collection II. The Tracta’s makeup is one of my favorite national and the lipstick of the bloggers was spectacular. The Lu is a very beautiful and delicate rose, inspired by the Chatterbox of the Mac. If you like pink, you’re going to love this tom because he has a rough kind of pink bubble gum, you know?

One of the factors that most impressed me was the smoothness and the power of moisturizing lipstick. He glides very well on your lips and you feel the difference immediately. That’s because the formula contains chamomile extract, vitamin E, wetting, complex ingredients Shea butter, mango and cereals. The set colour well and tom will vary from person to person. I’m mega white girl (practically one of the Cullen family, Hi Twilight!) and my lip is fine without color. See how the shade of pink was delicately. The light also is a little strange because the color of my hair is different, but you can have an idea!

I won two more lipsticks Tracta collection Blogs II (image below) and in the coming days I will talk to you, so keep an eye because they are beautiful, and the best quality: price: 17.50 mega accessible R$. To buy yours, take a look at ask4beauty!