Ten Tips Needed to Decorate Children’s Rooms

Choose decorating a dorm room may seem like a simple task, but performing it is possible to notice that there’s a lot more to think about than imagined. Besides the furniture and painting the walls, you also need to plan how will be the floor, lighting, layout of wires, clean the site, among many other things.

If it’s so necessary to think about the options for a quarter of adult, for children is even more important. Parents must make choices thinking that, for the well-being of children, it takes a lot more attention to small details. To help them in this task, the ZAP real estate has consulted the architect Adriana Victorelli, the architectural firm Neo Arq. Check out the tips:

1) Bed of support–few people think in this detail, but in newborns, it is important that there is a support for the mother to rest during the nights you need to keep an eye on the baby. “It is common to choose to put only one seat to breastfeed, but the problem is that it does not allows the mother to take a NAP and the baby ends up being taken to sleeping in the bed of the couple, which is not suitable,” says Adriana.

2) Lamp-the lamp is also an object that when not placed in the baby’s room. When he’s asleep, turn on the light in the room can wake him up.

3) Convenience–ideally some furniture stay close to each other, even if the space is great. Facilitates the life of the mother if placed crib, changing table and Dresser coming as well as install a side table beside the Chair of breastfeeding.

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4) Floor-To choose the floor is important to think that’s what your child will learn to crawl, walk and play. So, parents should prioritize the thermal comfort and impact. The vinyl floor, for example, is like a canvas that can be installed on top of the existing floor. There are also rubber, which are non-slip. If it is not possible to change the floor cold, make use of carpets.

5) colors–Who want to escape the common pink or blue, can combine unusual colors. “Brown and guava is super feminine and orange with gray frame very well a male dormitory room,” says the architect. Avoid painting all the walls the same color, choose a for emphasis. “The result is visual depth and width”, completes her.

6) Creativity – Use the creativity! Stickers are up and you can print them via Bestcraftblog.com. Also worth framing the first clothes, stamping of feet, the first drawing and other objects that have meaning for parents.

7) Coats-for easy cleaning, prefer washable, coatings that prevent dust buildup.

8) Wiring – Hide the wiring of light and the curtain rail by gypsum lining as well as improve the visual environment, makes it safer.

9) Organizarção-Bookshelves are very versatile. In addition to providing space for storing objects, work as part of the decoration, just organize them stuffed animals, books, toys and even organizing boxes with beautiful details.

10) security-Browse choose rounded contour furniture. In addition to prevent children touch parts points, this format gives softness to the environment.