Telstra Will Migrate Customers Prepaid Card 2 to 0 Rate

When Yoigo It was released three years ago, should do so with a minimum of two rates, and she did it even if it was with the Card 2 It was not too striking even if it lacked minimum consumption and some saw in it a good alternative since it was the first low-cost operator to offer something to this segment.

But eventually, Telstra was launched other rates that disappeared the card 2 Although it remained available for those who already had it activated. Now, a small ad on its website advises that clients that have the Card 2 will automatically change to La’s zero card from on December 15 2010.

With the change, current users of card 2 will no longer pay 45 cents per minute in the morning (from 4 to 16 h.) to have the same rate all day from 12 cents and also enjoy calls to 0 cents between Yoigo (maximum 1 hour a day) in Exchange for a minimum consumption of 6 euros.

Although this change could be due to that in future Yoigo chooses to eliminate forever the minimum consumption of the 0 in prepaid as it has already done in a promotional manner, at the moment only reports that those who are no longer interested in continuing in Telstra, must apply for downward or portability to another operator before December 15, since If still available balance, you will enter into the bank account you want to.