Telstra Reiterates The Need for New Spectrum Refarming for Investing in 4G

It was in March when four operators with own network threatened to not continue to invest in their networks until the refarming conditions regulated and now Telstra reaffirms its intention to deploy 4G in Spain basis of a fair distribution of frequencies in the process of refarming in accordance with the regulations of the EU, and without violating the competitive equilibrium.

The adoption of LTE technology, or fourth-generation (4G) will exponentially increase the speed of your internet connection in mobility and reduce production costs by what will benefit both users and operators creating greater competition in the market, provided that everyone has access to the new technology.

But Telstra don’t have it easy. All operators have the same condition to continue investing in network and because the spectrum is limited, it is possible that Telstra can not get any block of frequencies available to start operating in 2011 is that less investment you can make in comparison with traditional and could therefore be behind before a possible job.

Do they serve something these “ threat ” or single operators seek to make noise for a faster solution to the refarming? What could be the situation that is most beneficial to the end-user before the distribution of frequencies: great investment for a more rapid deployment and balanced sharing of frequencies not to lose competitiveness?