Telstra Reaches Three Millions of Customers Has Peaked?

The parent company of Telstra, TeliaSonera, announced today the achievement of the objectives that marked its Spanish subsidiary: reach three million customers, apart from positive economic results. Now the question that comes to mind is how far can Telstra?

The engine of growth the fourth operator with own network have been their rates, usually more expensive than the other three operators network, fact that made that many people discovered that you could pay less for the same.

But at this point the market has changed a lot. The OMVs applied very tightly, although not all alike, but in recent months more net earnings from customers than Telstra. In addition the strategy of this each more resembles the Spanish operators more veterans, throwing flat rates and applying 24-month tenure by acquiring mobile subsidized certain rates.

Is true that the growth in the number of customers of Telstra, according to its own data, has been virtually the same in 2010 than in 2011, 777.000 by 756.000, but in recent months, growth has been weak: nearly 20,000 lines in November, 22,000 in October when, in September, earnings were 55,000 new customers.

With this data in hand, it seems that the future of Telstra does not paint so beautiful as in these boom years, could be the end of the streak?