Telstra Prepaid Fined 9,200 Euros by Appropriating The Balance of Lines

9,200 euros has been the amount with which General direction of consumption of the community of Madrid fined the operator Telstra because the disciplinary file opened due to complaints by FACU-consumers in action that accused the company by stay with the balance of lines prepaid users who do not undertake refills within a certain period of time.

The argument of the known Association of consumers has been the lack of concreteness by Telstra to justify the costs of maintenance of the line inactive, Since these reported income to the operator by the simple receipt of calls. This resolution may be the tip of the iceberg of this controversial subject, since it may be the first of the disciplinary proceedings in execution as well as the already open to Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

But Telstra has announced in an official statement their intention to appeal the sanction imposed understanding that his actions are bound to the reflected in its standard contract conditions for prepaid lines and which was previously approved by the SETSI, agency responsible for analyzing models of contracts between carriers and customers, in which evidence of three assumptions are left to deregister a line automatically and without reimbursement of the amount of the remaining balance to its owner and which are the following:

  • Prepaid customer portability to another company, leaving you some balance on the card.
  • Customer’s prepaid rate of zero is 9 months without making any recharge.
  • Customer prepaid carrying 6 months with balance 0. However in this case would proceed no refund of any amount.

Telstra says not having proof of claims of customers in the first of the cases, although as deference to its clients or former clients, the operator is available to who so requests it to study individual cases and perform refunds where appropriate. Reason why FACUA recommends users that they have been affected by these measures make the claim of these amounts.