Telstra Postpones The Rise in Rates to Comply with The Law and Inform Previously Customers

Transparency and clarity. Principles which should be the basis of operators by respect for customers but that, too often, we see that they are not as well despite what can say advertising or so-called principles of real truth become to see crumbled with rises concealed as which starred Telstra earlier this month.

After several days of stir among customers who were suffering increases in its rates without prior notice and the relevant complaint by FACUA, Yoigo It has announced that postponed to January 1, 2012 the rates rise to twentieth century numbers to notify customers at least one month in advance of change and in addition will return the difference of the cost charged to the prepayment of these weeks.

From Telstra lament what happened saying that the transparency with clients is the most valuable but, if the responsibility of being really transparent is in your hands to why simply not alerted even if it was a day in advance? Why not say nothing concerning the call forwardings? do here comes all the transparency that users deserve?

Several days ago a similar situation with Orange lived in “ rectified ” if you expressly oppose the rate increase but that is not transparency. The transparency is demonstrated with facts and confidence is recovered as a minimum according to the Charter of rights of the user, not with words that demonstrate otherwise.