Telstra Launches New Rates to Speak and Surf and Will Call a through The Internet for 6 Euros Per Month

Today Yoigo has been presented at MWC some of his intentions for 2012, during which hopes to reach three and a half million lines, will launch the electronic invoice with a simpler format and more information from April, they prepare LTE-related surprises coming soon and launches a bonus that allows you to talk on the internet.

It has also introduced new “flat rates” only voice and rates Mega flat voice and data whose tender complete curfew follows as of March 5:

Bonds of data to navigate from 500 MB, 1GB, 3GB and 10GB smartphone will remain in force to be able to associate them with the rates for voice only according to the needs of each user. The price of calls exceeded the minutes included in the flat, is of 12 cents/minute and 15 cents of establishment.

In case of interest in the grant of mobile, the permanence different rates will be of 24 months at rates megaplanas 40 or higher and 18 months in the rest of rates.

As of March 5, they will be marketing the four and six of the contract but they will keep them users who already have them activated until they decide to change any existing ones and those of prepaid where the six stays available.

As for the operators whatsApp, Telstra don’t join Joyn for the time being since which considers that it does not provide added value.

New bonus VoIP to call over the internet

Until now Yoigo It was the only operator that did not allow to make calls over the internet with any of their data rates through programs such as Viber or Skype by what today has advanced to that summer will give the possibility of enable VoIP at any rate adding 6 euros to the monthly fee lowest rates.

The bonus adds 100 MB dedicated exclusively to VoIP that will allow talking between 300 and 600 minutes a month and it will be enabled by default (without additional cost) as of March 5 in the Mega flat 40 and 55 and the internet bonus in 10 GB Mobile for 35 euros.