Telstra Launches New Rate of 4 Cents Per Minute with Free Internet

It was hoped that it took not him long already to get a response from Yoigo to the movements of the market of the last few months in which Movistar, Vodafone and Orange have mimicked the successful rate of 8 of Telstra while that MVNOS as Pepephone, Eroski and Simyo threw rate with establishment more cheap.

With the same principle that rate 5 cents of Simyo, from March 1, Yoigo launches its new rate of 4 cents per minute to all including a bonus of 500MB for which no fee is not paid.

4 rate also has call of 15 cents, 10 cents/SMS messages, 30 cents/MMS and exceeded 500MB, it will be possible to sail at a maximum speed of 64 Kbps or hire in addition any of the bonds of 500MB for 8 euros or 1GB for 15 euros whose fees computed for the minimum consumption.

The new rate of Telstra will be available to all contract customers with a minimum consumption of 39 euros/month that will try to make to the rates for talk and surf traditional operators with a major grant from devices that will be linked to a new stay of 24 months.

You rate something risky by Telstra which maintains the previous tariff model based on minimum consumption against the trend of the market whereby in Exchange for one monthly fee includes use of voice and data free of charge. As we can see in our comparative, between the rates that they are around 40 euros/month (plus VAT) and they subsidize mobile, we find the @S + Vodafone (500 minutes + 300 MB + 1 VIP), Dolphin 42 (300 minutes + 500 MB + 300 minutes to fixed) or the whacked + no Movistar schedules (which includes 20 minutes a day + 100 MB) and that can be more attractive according to the needs of each.

6 rate lowers the minimum consumption to 19 euros/month

Automatically for existing customers for new, from March 1, 6 rate happens to have a minimum consumption of 19 euros/month instead of the current 25 euros to make the fee accessible to a greater number of users since the new rate of 4 is directed to high consumption profiles.

For low consumption, the rates of 8 and 0 are kept with the same conditions as hitherto. So little margin remains them to Telstra who are afraid to merge both rates as they expect many users of Telstra from long ago?