Telstra Launches Flat Rate Voice and New Internet Option Rates Multi-Device

After the two bad news few days ago raise rates without warning, on the occasion of the fifth birthday, Telstra updates its rates offer to talk and surf to remain competitive in a market that, in recent months, had to dwarfed him.

Until now Telstra had resisted offering the well-known “flat rate” but the demand of the market has made him change idea and starting from December 15 launches three new rates that include a bonus minutes during which the establishment of call is not charged. Let’s see them in more detail:

New voice of Telstra contract rates flat

  • 20 flat: for a monthly fee of 20 euros, includes 300 minutes to any national destination.
  • 30 flat: for a monthly fee of 30 euros, includes 360 minutes to any national destination and 360 MB to sail at full speed.
  • Flat 55: for a monthly fee of 55 euros, includes 1,200 minutes to any national destination and 1.2 GB to sail at full speed.

In the subject of messages, Telstra does not at the moment in the game “give them” and apply a price of 10 cents/SMS to any of the pages. In case of consuming all minutes of the flat, applies a price of 12 cents/minute more 15 cents of establishment.

Other rates such as that of the 8, 6 and 4 remain available in the offer while From 0 not be able continue hiring is to the descatalogarse although it will remain available for those who already have it activated.

New rate of 6 in card prepaid Yoigo

In response to similar rates in competition, Telstra launches new rate of 6 cents/minute (more establishment) for customers who prefer to recharge of prepaid balance and whose price is applied 30 days if you do a recharge of 20 euros. Then the rate becomes 12 cents/minute and in any case, involves a minimum consumption of 6 euros per month.

Bonds of data to navigate from smartphone

  • Bonus 8 stays at 8 euros per month with 500 MB and 64 Kbps the rest.
  • Bonus 15 stays at 15 euros per month with 1 GB and 64 Kbps the rest.
  • New 25 bonus for 25 euros per month includes 3 GB and 128 Kbps the rest.
  • New 35 bonus for 35 euros a month includes 10 GB and 128 Kbps the rest.

These rates must be booked next to a voice rate.

Internet rates for lead and navigate with USB modem

  • IPL contract 8 stays at 8 euros per month with 500 MB and 64 Kbps the rest.
  • New IPL 15 for 15 euros a month includes 1 GB and 64 Kbps the rest.
  • 25 IPL stays at 25 euros per month with 3 GB and 128 Kbps the rest.
  • 35 IPL improves the included traffic for 35 euros which goes from 5 to 10 GB and 128 Kbps the rest (instead of 64 Kbps as initially indicated in one of the press releases from Yoigo).

Rates available only associated with the rate of the 8.

Internet multi-line service to share data consumption

From December 1 will be available the new Internet service multiline that allows you to share a data rate between all the lines that are under the same DNI for an additional cost of 3 euros per month. Much more interesting than the similar (and limited to 1 SIM) service proposed Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

In addition, if no restrictions at 64 or 128 Kbps you like at some point, all data rates allow to continue browsing to maximum speed to consume the traffic originally included at an additional and optional cost of 10 euros for each additional giga up to a maximum of 3 additional GB per month.

Only Blackberry services will be available on a device for each contracted data bonus although the multiline Internet service available.