Telstra Is Targeted to Cheap International Calls Thanks to The Voice over IP

Offer a differentiating factor to be able to get gap in a saturated market like mobile telephony in Spain is so necessary that operators as Telstra are trying to scratch new users with profiles that could feel attracted by rates of Lebara or Happy mobile which allow to make international calls from 1 cent/minute, but who also want a subsidized mobile.

The new proposal of Telstra is based on fixed international calls from 4 cents/minute for all of their customers regardless of the used mobile as communication occurs in transparent way for the user as any voice call Although in reality, thanks to this service pioneer in Spain, get lower the cost of calls using the voice IP communication.

In total this service includes the possibility of call landlines in 20 countries different and to enjoy it, it is only necessary to mark two asterisks (*) before the number International to which you want to call. For example * 0046 to call Sweden, followed by the number that you want to get in touch.

The service will be available automatically in beta starting 1 March for free for the next three months for card clients as contract and no need to activate it. Let’s look at the rates to which must be added the establishment of call of 15 cents:

Another shows more than what inconsistent that it is to continue limiting the VoIP to Internet users to take When the own operator benefits from its advantages. Bet on these improvements should continue spreading in domestic calls but for this purpose it is necessary to hire any of the rates of Internet to carry.