Telstra Is Dares with a Fee Flat Unlimited for 30 Euros and a Rate of 2 Cents Per Minute

Yoigo just give a kick off summer campaign This year it was preceded by high expectations following the change of model in subsidies at the prospect of that translated into an improvement in rates and seems so finally has been.

Coinciding with the entry into force of the possibility of portability in 24 hours, 1 June Telstra incorporated two new rates for talk and surf aimed at two types of users completely opposite: those who consume less against the most talkative.

First Telecable, MÁSMOVIL then and now Telstra releases its flat rate to talk and surf unlimited 30 euros. The small print only speaks of reducing speed 64 Kbps from 1 GB and in terms of voice minutes, only alludes to be limited to reasonable usage standards.

Another tariff is aimed at those who are attracted by prices low cost operators who do not subsidise terminals and for them, becomes the rate of 2 with 1GB of data for 9 euros. Let’s see how is the complete range of rates for particular contract from Telstra:

If you have any problems viewing the rates, also can refer to them from here.

Both rates are compatible with the payment by instalments and their debut single contracting is available until the 31st of August even though you will enjoy forever. Data traffic is exclusive for consumption from a smartphone even though you can share through Internet multiline with other mobiles of the same proprietor.

Reasonable use of the infinite rate standards

The economic conditions of this tariff are offered on the condition that the customer will use voice service to keep phone conversations and not for other purposes such as, for example, the use of the hotline as “ watch babies ”, “ walkie talkie ” or similar.

The SIM card may only be used in mobile phones. Are expressly excluded its use in switchboards, sim-box or other concentration of telephonic traffic designed for massive calls or for routing of traffic services or constituting sinks of traffic.

Shall be regarded as an indication of acting contrary to these rules of fair use, the realization of a monthly consumption that quadrupling the average consumer monthly Telstra customers who have contracted this rate. When this threshold is exceeded, Telstra may send an SMS to the client, informing him of the number of minutes that has consumed and, unless they justify the reasonable use of the service, after 100 additional minutes consumed, following domestic calls are billed to 12 cents. / min. and 15 cent. establishment of call.