Telstra Extends Its Mobile Internet from 8 Euros to Card Users Prepaid and Tablets

From next May 4, after something more than in-home after the launch of the Internet to bring 8 euros and browse from your mobile phone, Telstra has advanced today that users of prepaid card can also contract it under the same conditions of 500 MB to maximum speed and excess with speed limited to 64 Kbps for a monthly fee of 8 euros as main advantage in comparison with other operators, if it computes to reach the minimum consumption of voice rate.

In addition Yoigo will also hire this fee along with devices MiFi or USB modem from 0 euros in contract to facilitate the transfers from netbooks and tablets with the option of not reducing speed and continue navigating 5 euros for each additional 300 MB.

As a promotion, new card customers can enjoy of the first month free If they activate the bonus to request registration by what Telstra will also expand the possibilities of internet access in mobility with new Android smartphones on prepaid as the Samsung Galaxy Mini and ZTE Blade for 69 euros.

The prepaid service also will be automatically renewed every month provided that the user has balance enough or until you expressly request downward in my Yoigo, attention to the customer or in any store.

We take this opportunity to update our comparative rates for browsing from mobile or smartphone in card prepaid.